Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sprint Stripped Down To The Frame

Hello and Welcome, I`m going to try to post the entire build on the blog.It is difficult to shoot everything. Sometimes I`m to greasy to handle the camera.

UPDATE :The Schwinn Sprint is stripped down to the frame. Only the bottom bracket is still in place.(was) I will remove it tomorrow, check the bearings and de-grease everything. And if everything is good,I will re-pack the bearings and re-assemble the crank-set. Then start refurbishing some of the other parts that I can re-use.I will also clean-up the frame and take a few pics. Oh Yeah, I ordered a Brown&Tan Woman`s WTB Saddle for it.Also ordered some Brown or (dark tan) Handlebar-Tape and a set of Kenda Gum Walls.Also a set of silver and gold track pedals.And also some aerodynamic brake-levers.The smaller pedals should work-out fine, as this is a smaller bike that will be set up for a girl. That`s it for today. So RIDE SAFE and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE

*the axle part of the 3 piece crank*

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