Monday, February 8, 2010

New Project 54cm 1980`s Sprint

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Hello and Welcome, Here it is (as promised). My next project a mid 1980`s Schwinn Sprint, with a "GIANT-built" lugged frame.I am thinking about using retro brake levers.(with no suicide levers) Maybe with a Tan Saddle and Natural Cork Handlebar tape.As for the tires I`ll go with a set of classic looking Kenda Gum-walls. Originally I was thinking white handlebar tape and matching saddle. And some sort of sporty looking road tire. But after thinking about it, I decided that the color lends itself more to a classic look.The Derailleurs and shifters are Sun-Tour and the brakes are Chang-Star. While I do not want to re-use the levers, the side-pull calipers actually look pretty good. Much better than I would have expected from Chang Star. The wheel-set is rustier than the photographs show. So I may look for something else. Also the Free-Wheel is almost froze-up and the threaded head set is dry. The bike appears to be all original. It has Schwinn tires and Star brake-shoes.Also the tires appear to be old enough to be original. However there is very little tread-wear. I`m thinking that although dry, the bearings are probably OK.It would appear that I have a lot of work ahead of me.Yesterday was Super-Bowel Sunday! So my mind was on other things.But today it`s all about getting this thing started. So I`m going to sign-off for now.NOTE: Due to some harassment issues.All comments will be checked before publishing. Be assured I will be posting them daily. Ride Safe and "as always" remember to RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE.


  1. Where are you finding all these things? I'm amazed at how many of these, complete with suicide levers, pie plates, and reflectors there are hanging around.

    Sorry to hear someone's not behaving civilly!

  2. Hey Steve, I don`t want to get too specific, But
    I can tell you I have a list of thrift-shops that I check on a regular basis. Also garage sales and estate sales are always a good place to look. And occasionally Craigslist or Kijiji.
    And I agree, there appears to be a huge number of vintage bikes in the basements and garages
    of America. Wait till you see the beach-cruiser I fund yesterday! :)

  3. Hi Hugh, Thanks for the tutorial. Getting lots of E-mail on Blogs for photographers. Glad you like the Brown Pelicans here -Florida's Treasure Coast. Take Care.

  4. Hugh,
    I stumbled upon your blog when I was trying to find tires online. I have the same Schwinn sprint which my cousin fixed up for me so that it rides great, although it doesn't look nearly as great as your finished project! but I desperately need to get new tires and seeing as I really don't know anything about bike tires I am struggling to know what to get! Do you have any suggestions for me? I'm not looking for anything too fancy (or expensive) but I would love some advice from someone who obviously knows what their stuff!
    Thanks! The bikes look amazing!

  5. Welcome Miss Abbey, And thanks for the kind words. I think the best tires for the money are the Kenda-Gum-Walls. One important thing to remember is the sizing. If the tire says 27 X 1&1/4 Make sure that is exactly what you order.
    In other words do not order a 27 X 1.25 they are not the same thing. And I suspect that your
    tires are 27X 1&1/4. Unless you have a junior size frame. I hope this is helpful :)


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