Friday, February 5, 2010

Sportex 12 before and after

Hello and Welcome,
I finally got the lead out of my A$$ and took some photographs of the finished project. It has exceeded all my expectations. A department store bike with very cheezy components transformed into a classic looking Road Bike."With some rather sweet looking vintage components I might add".

The idea was to replace my Fuji Gran-Tourer SE. Until I can test ride it and make the final adjustments I don`t know if I have succeeded or not. But as far as how it looks I could not be happier. If it only had a "chrome-tipped" fork. (OK maybe I could be happier)

I have a ladies Schwinn I want to restore next, But I have trouble getting rid of the step-through frame bikes. So I think it is going to be a different Schwinn instead. A classic 1980`s lugged frame Schwinn Sprint. Man I love those Giant Built Schwinn lugged frames! What a GREAT platform for a classic build. At a glance I can see it will need Tires and a Saddle upgrade. Also a Pedal upgrade, Cables, Brake-Shoes, Cork, Tubes Rim-Tape. And lots of rust removal and parts de greasing and polishing. I`m already getting excited just thinking about it! Tomorrow I have two quick "clean and tunes" to do. But "I will try" to get a few pics of the project bike. Anyway I need to make some space to work. So until next time Please RIDE SAFE and please remember to RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE.
Cheers,Hugh BELOW My Beloved FUJI Gran-Tourer S.E.


  1. At the least, it should give the Fuji a run for its money. The bar tape change WAS the right decision!

  2. Hey Steve
    I think it will too. It actually feels a bit lighter than the Fuji. And many of the reconditioned components were from a Fuji donor bike.
    Thanks for your support!

  3. Of course, he notes with an impish grin, the Fuji might surge back into the lead with half as much attention as has been lavished upon its challenger. Of such thoughts come "Shipwright's Disease."

  4. You would think a person of English descent would already know what "Shipwrights Disease"
    is. But Nope, I had to look it up. And I definitelty have it!

  5. Great job!

    You mentioned rim-tape. I've been cheating by running a few layers of electrical tape around the rims and poking a hole for the valve stem.

    Edward S.

  6. Hey Edward,
    I actually use the rubber rim-guards. I just say rim-tape out of habit I guess. They are very inexpencive if you buy them in bulk.But I have done the electrical tape thing a few times myself.And it does work.Thanks for stopping by.


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