Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Changing the Brake Levers and Cork-Tape

Hello and Welcome, I finally got around to installing the drilled brake levers and natural cork handlebar tape for the Sportex 12, along with with the hoods. I was not real pleased with the way the first set cleaned up. And I was not to wild about the suicide levers either.I also thought the black cork-tape looked dull. After it was finished I realized it was not the "classic road bike look" I was after.

Once the drilled levers were cleaned up and looking good,it was obvious that I needed to make the change. A few friends had pointed it out as well. (Thanks Guys) The only regret I have was wasting the black cork tape. But I would have regretted not making the change even more.

Now that the drilled levers with the brown brake lever hoods are on the bike with the natural cork tape. I think it looks 100% better! I just wish it would warm -up a little. I would really like to take it for a test ride. And the Continental too! That is If I can reach the pedals.

Good News! I think I have found new homes for the 2 like new entry level mountain bikes. And they are both going to the same town. So that will save some gas and time.

Well I hope you like the changes as much as I do. Right now I`m trying to decide which bike will be my next project. I`ll post some "before pics" as soon as I decide.

That's pretty much all I have for now. As soon as I figure out what my next project will be I will post some information about it. In the meantime please RIDE SAFE and always remember to RESCUE,RESTORE & RECYCLE


  1. Hello,
    Looks nice. Can you re-use the black? I have never used cork tape, so I don't know. I am partial to Tressostar cloth tape, I like the old timey classic look it gives. If I didn't shellac it, I have managed to reuse it a time or two, what a penny pincher....

  2. Hey J, I was hopeful but no. Maybe if I had removed it right away. But it was all deformed
    from being wraped tight.And this tape has the adhesive strip which even made it even worse.
    But I am happy with the results.Although I don`t think I will use the same hoods next time. I think the Dia-Compe Gum Hoods are more flexable and easier to work with.

  3. I didn't know Cane Creek made the old Weinmann-style hood covers. I'll file that info away for some future use...

  4. Yeah,they fit prety good. Except I had to cut the channels deeper on the underside. After I put the hood on the lever I just cut it deeper with a razor knife using the lever-frame as a guide.

  5. Hugh, I just found your blog. Looks interesting. I'm a handyman and bicyclist. I ride a classic Raleigh road bike. :) Patrick (Minnesota)

  6. Hello Pat, And thank you. I have a Classic Raleigh project on hold right now. I think there will be some painting involved. So I`m going to wait for some warmer weather.
    Raleigh is one of my favorite bikes especially the Nottingham road bikes.Stop by anytime and sorry for the delay.


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