Friday, January 29, 2010

Tools, Keeping Them Organized

My work bench. Someone dumped it on a job site one night! Thanks!

Some assorted bicycle tools chain,tire,valve,spoke,crank,free-wheel etc.

Box/Open-End Wrenches metric and sae also some allen wrenches

Some of my many screw-drivers, You can never have to many!

Hello and Welcome.
You know if there is one thing that drives me Nuts! It`s not being able to find a tool when I need it. When I was a kid my brothers and myself would leave my Dads tools scattered all over the place.I remember how this really drove my Dad crazy. So as soon as my son was old enough to turn a wrench,I bought him his own little set. And from time to time I would pick up other tools for him. There was only one condition to my gift giving and that was, Just keep your hands off mine! And now he is 24 and I gotta tell you, It has worked out GREAT.And even though I never preached to him about taking care of his tools. He keeps his tools organized and clean. I think that`s what my grandfather called "leading by example". So at the end of the day when I am finished I put my tools away. And if I`m to tired, I will put them away first thing the next morning before I start. I`m not saying I have never misplaced a tool, I have from time to time. But this keeps that down to a tolerable minimum.
Yes I love my tools! I love talking about tools! I even have my favorite tools. For example my Bosch Hammer-Drill (for my other job)If you have a Bosch hammer-drill you know what I am talking about. When I was a young apprentice we used to do some masonry re-mod work. Sometimes this involved toothing-out a block or brick wall. We did this with hammers and chisels! And Damn it was slow and easy to screw -up. The first time I did one with a hammer-drill, I could not believe how much quicker and easier it was! It was what I like to call a "Thank You God" moment. Another favorite tool is the Cut-off saw. They were first used to cut people out of cars.I know this to be true because I saw one at a fire-station open-house(about 45 years ago) and they put on a little display. The only draw-back was sparks, the cut-off saw was soon replaced by the jaws-of life. In the old days a mason would stand-up a clay chimney-flue on the ground, then fill it up with packed sand. Then the mason would make a pencil mark around the flue where it was to be cut.Then came the tricky part. Next the mason would softly chisel his way around the flue.This usually took several passes. And I said softly because one hard hit would crack the flue.This took a "good touch" and a "sharp eye". Not to mention a whole bunch of patience. So you can only imagine how much easier it was to do this with a cut-off saw equipped with a diamond blade. Talk about your "Thank you God" moment! So that`s why I love tools. And anything that makes your life that much easier deserves to be taken care of. Well I`m about 4 hours late for lunch, So I`m gonna call this THE END
Ride Safe and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE


  1. I've been buying my sons (now 8 and 9)tools since they were toddlers. They STILL borrow mine, though, and keep them on their own workbenches.

    I built them a work area and benches to keep them off mine. It is great to have them in the shop.

  2. That`s Great! I really enjoy working with my son.We do have a few little projects coming up. First we are going to remove and replace the garbage dispose-all. And then we are going to replace the dish-washer.Not too long ago we took the gas dryer apart and actually fixed it.
    Thank God for the internet.We would have been lost without it. My son is 24 now, They sure grow up fast.


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