Monday, January 25, 2010

The Race Across America "Bicycle Dreams"

Hello and Welcome,
Stephen Auerbach was kind enough to send me a copy of his movie "Bicycle Dreams." I`m
thrifty by nature(cheap).So naturally I jumped at the chance to see a movie for free.
What I did not realize is just what a wonderful gift it would be. The movie is about The Race Across America. This race is 3000 miles from San Diego to Atlantic City in just 10 days.The extreme athletes endure conditions that I can`t even begin to describe. This has to be the most grueling cycling event of any kind anywhere. Mr Auerbach and his crew do a masterful job of bringing the viewer into the world of the extreme cyclist/road-racer.I really don`t want to give anything away. But I will say it is a captivating story of the human experience and what drives these cyclists to the brink over and over. It was literally an emotional roller-coaster ride for me. At times heart-breaking and at times Joyful and uplifting.I would easily put this movie on the same level as "The Flying Scotsman" or "American Flyers." Hey it was 1985, and everyone loved "American Flyers". Seriously though, Do yourself a favor and see this Movie. Find out more at

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