Sunday, April 25, 2010

The AnnArbor Bicycle Show

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The original Woody. The owners told me it dates back to 1865-1872 This has to be the coolest antique bike I have ever seen. It was described on the tag as a Bone Shaker.
For a mere $5,500.00 you could ride this baby home. If you don`t remember the Woody You probably don`t know who Frankie and Annette are.

The Schwinn Phantom has been described as the most desirable American collectible bicycle.I know an old man who had one of these when He was a kid. His eyes light up when he talks about it still.

This RoadMaster took home a trophy for best in it`s class. You do not want to park one of these Babys in the sun! Who ever said "chrome won`t get you home" never had one of these beauties :)

This blue Sting-Ray really took me back. Other than the cables and levers, it looks
just like mine did. "before we chopped it" Hey! It seemed like a good idea at the time! The Bike Show as Great. I would recommend that you get there early if you go. I arrived about 1:30 pm and some were already packing it in and hit`n the road. Maybe they wanted to get home for the hockey game. The wings lost badly today. But "It ain`t over till the fat lady sings" Quick Update: I stripped the Pacer 15 Speed and re-built the bottom bracket and polished the chain-rings and arms. And got those back on the frame. I will try to re-build the head-set tonight. (Big Yawn) Maybe not.
Till next time, Ride Safe and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE


  1. Hi Hugh -

    Great pictures - do you have more? My camera battery was dead. :-(

    I've wanted to go to the show for years, and always managed to miss it. Finally got there this year - pretty amazing. Even found the elusive Schwinn Twinn chainguard decal that I wish I'd had this winter when I was working on the bike. Now I'll have to repaint it & do it right...

  2. Hey Jay,
    Those are pretty much it. I got there late and
    most everyone was packing up to leave. I did get a few pics of an unidentified road bike. I will be posting them soon in hope someone will recognize the make and model. The owner has shown it to some people. And nobody has been able to make a positive ID. I suspect it might have been a custom build.

  3. I love these classic 'old' bikes. The 'woody' is the one for me!!!

  4. Hey Susan, I figured you more for the Green Sting-Ray with the Leopard print saddle.(in the bottom photograph)lol I just noticed not one person has admitted to knowing who Frankie and Annette are. :)


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