Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unidentified 3 Spd fixed?

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I ran across this interesting Road Bike at the "AnnArbor Bike-Show" last Sunday. It belongs to Samuel Fitzsimmons from Curtis Bay,Md. I asked Sam who the manufacturer was? He said he had been trying to find that out himself. He told me a few people have recognized some of the components. (crank and pedals I believe)But so far no one has been able to put a name to it.(not his exact words) As you can see the Head-Badge has not been much help to Sam. Damn those Head-Badge collectors! Just kidding guys:) No really, Deface all the bikes you want, I`m OK with it.... NOT!

This is really strange. (to me anyway)A three gear fixed hub with a derailleur /tensor. Maybe somebody out there will recognize this set-up. I actually considered (briefly) building a multiple speed fixed-gear bike. My plan was to use the rear wheel and hub from a Schwinn Intiger F.F. System. Evidently somebody was way ahead of me. I just dismissed it as a silly idea. I wonder how many of these were made?

Here is a close-up of the chain-ring /cotter-pin crank. The detail on the chain-ring is sweet. It looks like a snowflake.That`s the thing about the old bikes they took the time to make them "works of art." Some of the craftsmanship that went into the lugged frames is incredible.Makes me wonder what some of the prototypes must have looked like.

Here is a nice side view of the bike. Did you ever wonder about some of the "saddle position" choices you see out there? I`m thinking this one is exaggerated. I think the first thing I would change (other than saddle position) would be the handle-bars.
I just don`t get the whole moustache handlebar thing. Having never ridden a bike with moustache handlebars, I guess I`ll shut-up about that.(Your Welcome)

Not much of a left side view. (sorry about that) I do wonder if this bike came with those handlebars? I`m not picturing that at all, but who knows? If you recognize this bike manufacturer or frame builder. Let me know and I will pass the info along to Samuel.Before I close, The Pacer is almost finished.I`m just waiting for the aero-levers and new saddle to arrive. Also today I purchased an unbelievably well
preserved 1970-75ish Raliegh Sprite. The owner (now 82) has kept it in his basement
since sometime in the 1970`s. And I can tell you He does not have a damp basement. (Thank God) I don`t want to post it till I get it cleaned up. But you are in for
a treat.This thing is fantastic! I feel honored that He sold it to me. Some other cool stuff coming up. A sweet Blue 1980 Continental and a Schwinn Le Tour (mans frame) I can`t believe I finally found one! And a Miyata "One Hundred" mixte and much more. In the meantime Ride Safe and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE


  1. What a bike! Strange tensioner (right on the drop-outs!), mangled front-end, upside-down mustache bars.... The bike I am restoring is also a UFO. If someone can you tell what this one is, send them my way.

  2. Very interesting. Those brakes look like they are from a different generation than the drivetrain and frame.

  3. I agree, I suspect this might be a one of a kind
    or custom built bike. It is a very interesting bike for sure. I never even thought to ask how much Sam was looking to get for it.

  4. Everett, I will do that for sure.Have you sent a pic to Cameron at OTSG?

  5. @Hugh, no I have not yet, but I will now. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Been following your blog for a month or so now. I am in the construction trade (general contractor) I suffer from arthritis in my feet and do not know how long I can keep it up. I have been tinkering with bikes since I was in my teens. I still cannot pass a decent bike for sale and not want to restore it. Thanks for you inspirational blog.

  7. Hey Bryan,
    Thanks, I hope you find some useful information here.
    I can`t endorse or recommend this. And I have no idea if it works or not. But a friend of mine claims that "placing a bar of Ivory hand soap in between the mattress and box-springs, relieves arthritis pain". I was telling my wife about it. And we figure for the cost of a bar of Ivory hand soap it is certainly worth trying. Personally I have my doubts. If you do try it and it works, please let me know. Cheers, Hugh


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