Friday, April 16, 2010

Never has a Huffy recieved so much Love

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The wheels are trued and polished.I decided to scrap the pleather 4 piece handle-bar covers. I have however decided to keep the gray saddle. And I will use gray cork-tape to keep the original (but now better) look going. I also removed the dull metal pedals and replaced them with these refurbished chrome pedals. They were left over from one of the Continentals.

The Huffy had some really "cheesy looking" caliper brakes. I replaced them with these "not as cheesy" refurbished calipers from a Schwinn Sprint donor bike.It will also get some fresh Jag-Wire cables and Jag-Wire brake shoes. This Huffy will have some stopping power. Yeah Dog!

I was going to replace the stem (and I still might) but I haven`t found one in the shop that is a small enough diameter. I really tried to keep this bike original. But
if you can make something better, Why not do it? It`s not like the Smithsonian Institute was banging on the door because they heard about this really incredible original Huffy. lol :)
So that pretty much gets us caught up on whats been going on "bike wise". The tires and gray tape and some cables arrived late today. With a little luck I can finish the Huffy tomorrow. Also the 27X1&1/8 tires arrived for the Pacer build. Along with the black cork tape and some cool looking black pedals with some old style traps and straps. So I should have plenty to blog about in the next week or so.I really do need to take some time and get out for a ride. Everything here is coming back to life. The woods are turning green. It is a great time to ride. Two huge Swans flew over the house today.They were making almost as much noise as the troop carrier helicopter that flew over just before them. Once you get out of the city, Michigan is a beautiful place to live. It`s hell on the allergies though. Till next time, Ride Safe and Remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE


  1. Man I better watch out, if I keep reading this blog, I'm gonna need a restored old road bike!

  2. That`s the whole idea John. Hit the "Thrift-Shops" early. The good ones go fast!

  3. Hugh, Would you do a Florida Bike with a sun umbrella?? Oh, I would also need a basket for Zoe (my dog).

  4. Susan,
    The basket I can handle. The umbrella might not be the way to go :) Would you consider a big floppy garden hat? Let me no your height and I`ll see what I can come up with.


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