Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trek 560 Finished

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Just a few minor paint touch-ups to do, but basically finished

The hoods are not a perfect fit, I may try to clean-up the originals

Found the black bottle cages at Cycle Therapy in Waterford Mi

I really like the Continental tires, they have graphics on both sides

Hello and Welcome, The Trek is finally finished and the Huffy 10 speed project is underway.I have a dentist appointment so I will have to cut this short. I will finish this post latter. I just wanted to share the finish pics, Ride Safe and as always remember to RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE


  1. Nice work Hugh,you should make and post some videos about restore bicycles, it will help a lot to me =P...i bought another bike a peugeot that is from 70's (i guess =S), it was painted in white one week ago, now i got to clean up all the parts...a lot work to do...

    Saludos desde México

  2. Hey Antonio,
    Videos, that sounds like something I might do in the future.Peugeot makes some really good bikes. I have only restored one Peugeot. It was a hybrid, not really a road-bike and not really a mountain-bike.
    I do have some good links that will help you restore your bike.You should check them out, if you haven`t already done so. Good luck with the restoration. Keep us posted on the progress.

  3. It does look sweet. How doe it ride?

  4. Hey Steve,
    Thanks, For the little bit I have ridden it,the Trek feels great. But I need to take it out for a good ride. So I can do any tweaking it might need. Hopefully that will be today.

  5. That is a great bike right there Hugh. Just make sure to keep the DT shifters tight. They tend to slip...I also have a set of Suntour shifters and a cyclone 7000 rear derailleur if you are ever interested. They switch between index and non index. Ill put them in the post for you if interested. I have too many things here, and your blog is always a fun read. I figure its worth it.

  6. Thanks Alex,
    I`m glad you enjoy the blog. And thanks for the offer of the shifters and derailleur. But after riding this bike. I have decided it will have to be sold.I was told by the seller it is 59cm. In my excitement I did not think to measure it.
    It`s actually more like 62. My perfect fit is 58cm. So I figured 59cm would be close enough.
    But 62 is really a stretch. (pun intended) So before I hurt my self.I`m gonna let it go.
    The icing on the cake is, I just missed-out on a 58cm 1986 Trek 560. So I`m thinking I will build my self a one-off with the PACER
    frame.I have already purchased a Mixte for the wheel-set and some other components.
    With all the bikes I have bought and sold over the years, You would think I was past being blinded by "bicycle love" lol
    Again thanks for the generous offer.


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