Saturday, April 10, 2010

TREK 560 Progress

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Above: Just enough finished for a short test ride. It felt fantastic. It feels so light now in it`s basic form, I almost regret having to add all the components. I have decided to go with the black as much as possible.Today I will search the net for some glossy black bottle cages. I was considering a set of Red water-bottles to match the red graphics on the frame. Maybe I can find some black bottles with red graphics.

Above: I have a pair of Cane Creek hoods I think will fit the levers. I really don`t like the way this lever looks now. If the hoods don`t do the trick, I might just replace them. I have taped the cable into position securely and will do the same with the rear brake cable.Then it will be covered with black cork infused tape. Although natural colored cork might look good too.

Above: The Chain-Rings and Arms cleaned up beautifully. As I mentioned "Cycle Therapy" in Waterford serviced the bracket.I dismantled the chain-rings and arms and gave them the "Mothers Treatment"(Mother`s Mag and Aluminum Polish)I really love that stuff! Oh, and the new bracket wrench arrived! I will need to order a Spanner wrench as well. The closest bike shop is about 15 miles from here,So I need to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Above: The SunTour derailleur was cleaned with White-Lightning Clean-Streak. It does have a scratch (visible on the left) but no harm done. It cleaned-up nicely. I removed the jockey-wheels for a good cleaning. I used a silicone-based lubricant on the jockey-wheels.I like to use it on any plastic parts, bushings etc.

Above: The Black Brake Calipers are sweet. Note the missing TREK vertical graphics on the front of the fork legs. I just could not get myself to leave them. The left one was badly scratched. And I did not like them enough to replace them.(actually I hated them) Although I think they look great on a Raleigh, Must be that Old English font. That pretty much brings us "up to speed" on the TREK 560. Till next time RIDE SAFE and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE & RECYCLE!


  1. Hugh,
    I'm interested in acquiring a ladies Raleigh Roadster. If you happen upon one in your journeys, please keep me in mind. I live in New Hudson, so not far from you.. Is there any way to send you a PM with my email address?


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  3. Hugh, that bike is going to be fantastic. Are those special brakes that let you run the cable along the bars or do you just route the cable differently than when it whips out of the top? I'm working on my own rebuild and that is one thing that always bugged me before. I hate seeing cables going every which way in the cockpit.

  4. Hey Everett,
    In this case, I believe these brake calipers were designed for aerodynamic levers.(at least the front caliper) But it is not necessary to have special calipers. But you will need aerodynamic levers. You don`t have to spend a lot of cash for them.Just do a Google shopping search. Usually someone has them on sale. Nashbar has a set I like that are reasonably priced. Secure the cables and check the brakes BEFORE you cork tape over them. It is much easier to fix a problem before you have cork-taped over them.
    Good Luck, Hugh
    P.S. Thanks for the idea. I think I will do a post on converting to aerodynamic levers.

  5. looks very cool the bicycle, nice work =)

  6. Antonio,
    Thank You, I appreciate your kind words. I will be posting pics of the Trek finished today.I think I spent too much money on the project. But I really like the bike.


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