Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Nishiki garbage day rescue is finished

The "Garbage Day Rescue" Builds Are My Favorites by Far

The Saddle, Micro-Adjust Post,Grips,Chain,Cages and Cables are all New

The Riser Handle-Bars and Pedals with Clips are Re-Cycled

Both Crank and Head-Set are rebuilt and Wheels Trued

The Blue Water-Bottle Cages Look Really Cool.

The Gray and Black Velo Grips are Very Comfortable

The Gray and Black Velo Saddle is a Perfect Match

There is a very good feeling that you get from doing a garbage day rescue. If you have never done one,I highly recommend you give it a shot.With all the scrap metal guys canvasing the garbage, they are getting harder to find. But if you can catch the salvage-guy when he is on your street. He might be able to hook you up with a great garbage day rescue. And you will want to give him 10 or 15 dollars for his trouble. More if He shows up with something special.
Also, I did manage to steal away for my "tax-prep paper-work nightmare" for a little while and work on the TREK 560. I rebuilt the head-set which by the way has really cool roller-bearings. And also polished up the chain-rings and arms and got those remounted. As I mentioned "Cycle-Therapy" in Waterford Mi. took care of the bracket for me. Bad news is, I don`t like the tires that I was sent.(NOT By Cycle Therapy)They did not have the ones I wanted. So I asked "What else do you have in a 700 x 28 C" They told me and I (foolishly) said "go ahead and send those". Turns out they are the right size, but wrong profile. I guess I should have asked if they were the "race profile" tires.(you know, like the first set I wanted) GEEEEZE! Why did I assume that they would stay with the same type of tire I ordered the first time. Oh well "So it Goes." No worries, They will be put to good-use eventually.
Well tomorrow I meet with the book-keeper (Happy Happy Joy Joy) But before that I
am going to do a little bike hunting. And also a little more work on the TREK. Till
next time, RIDE SAFE, and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE


  1. I shall have to keep my eyes open, thanks to your inspiration!

  2. Hey Steve, Thanks. Hey check out this weeks "Video of the Week" It`s from a bike show over your way.I think you will like it.


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