Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Around the shop this week

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Above: I started working on the Fuji S10S while waiting for parts fot the Centurion

Above; I found this little collapsible and adjustable table at the local Walgreeens. It makes a perfect platform for my truing stand and is fairly portable.

Above: After thinking about it for a couple of years I finally purchased a set of metric Gear Wrenches (ratcheting). The set did not come with a 9mm. However the store
(Peters TrueValue Hardware,Highland Mi)ordered one for me yesterday. They are great! If you are thinking about getting a set. I highly recommend them. These don`t have a lever, you just flip the wrench over to reverse rotation.

Above:The tires,saddle and pedals for the Centurion arrived yesterday. But I have been side-tracked by a tune-up that turned out to be a "major over-haul". Also a repair on a department store bike. And the new roof is going on this week and the noise is very distracting. But it is going well so far, and looks nice too.

Above: This is a very cheap way to clean parts that are not too bad. I think the pot and strainer cost about $7.00 (each). I just stuff some dirty paper towels in the pot and dump it in the trash when finished. The cleaner evaporates, so it isn`t really messy at all. You definitely want to do this out doors!

Above: This Raleigh Technium (probably spelled that wrong) was donated a few days ago. I have it cleaned-up and working. I ordered new tires for it and a new front derailleur. It is aluminum with Shimano Diore derailleurs and a Shimano BioPace crank. This bike is fantastic. I`ll take some pics when it is 100% and probably do a post about it. With a shock-fork this thing could be awsome!
Well that`s whats going on this week. I hope to finish the over haul today and get back into the Centurion or the Raleigh today. Till next time Ride Safe and remember to always RESCUE - RESTORE & RECYCLE!
Cheers, Hugh

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