Friday, June 4, 2010

Centurion Accordo RS Update

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Above: Using my Hozan Lock ring Tool on Headset. I don`t know why I did not get one of these sooner. And No, I did not take the threaded headset completely apart until after I removed the front wheel.

Above: After cleaning, polishing & brushing there is still a bad spot on the reflector mount bracket. I will have to "touch it up" remove it or replace it.

Above: I have to stop touching those white road brake lever hoods! I have already cleaned them up twice. The adhesive on these bars was not too bad. The Goo-Gone jell removed it with a little bit of elbow grease.

Above: The Rear Derailleur cleaned up easily with a little White Lightning Clean-Streak. Then I hit it with just a wee-bit of Mothers.

Above: The Front Derailleur got the same treatment. Except I used "Turtle Wax Chrome Polish & Rust Remover". It is chrome plated not alloy.

Above: The Shimano Road Brakes I hit with a little "Clean-Streak". And then Polished it with Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish

Above: The Rear Shimano Caliper Brake received the exact same treatment as the front. I removed the calipers for cleaning but did not take them apart. They just did not need that much attention. I honestly can`t see any difference In the results. They were not very dirty. Normally I would take the calipers completely apart and polish them with Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish.

Above: I cleaned the Chain and Free Wheel with White Lightning Clean Streak The rims may "look like chrome" but they are actually polished alloy. The Hubs and Rims were polished with Mothers. The Spokes just got wiped down with Armor All Cleaning Wipes (disposable). The original tires were a real tight fit. I warmed-up the rear tire with the heat gun before removing it. It seemed to help a little. I also trued both wheels after removing the tires.

Above: The micro adjust seatpost also got the Mothers treatment. I had to go-over it a few times. That`s typical as these rarely ever get touched or cleaned.It took some patience, but it eventually polished-up pretty good.

Above: It is now ready for new Brake Shoes and Cables. The Derailleurs are ready for new Cables too. Once those are done work will stop till the new Saddle and Handlebar tape arrive. I will most likely start taking the Fuji apart, and get the parts ordered. I do have a few minute nicks in the paint to touch-up. Here is a QUICK-TIP Fingernail Polish is excellent for touching up small nicks in the paint. And it comes in most of the basic colors. I have gotten a few "strange looks" while rummaging through the fingernail polish at the drug-store. Also small bottles of modeling paint work well too. If anyone knows where I can find modeling paint let me know. I think Testor`s was the name of the brand I used when I was doing model cars years ago in the 1960`s. Well it is almost noon 06-05-10. I started this last night but I was exhausted and gave up and went to bed. Now I need to "get to work" routing those those cables and and adjusting (if needed) the derailleurs. Till next time RIDE SAFE and remember to always RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE! Cheers,Hugh


  1. Testors can be found at Hobby Lobby in Canton (Ford Rd). I carried my bicycle fork in the store to match colors when I redid my Schwinn.

  2. Hey Linda, Thanks for the info (:

  3. Hi Hugh -

    Nice bike - looks great.

    You can get Testors, as well as a couple of other brands at Ryder's Hobby Shop in Ypsilanti on Carpenter Rd. I was just in there today and picked up some enamel that looks like it should be a good match for my yellow Schwinns.


  4. Hey Jay,
    Thanks I appreciate that. And thanks for the info about the paint. The locations are getting closer to home!

  5. Hugh that bike is looking great. I always have problems making touch-ups blend in, though, if you have any tips or before/after shots, that would be great! You are still not helping to quiet down my desire for a beautiful old road bike...I may need marital counseling if this continues! :) -JR

  6. Ditto on the Hobby Lobby for the Testors, but people don't seem to use this very often and the stock sits on the shelves. I have bought a couple of containers that I thought just needed a little stiring but they were just shot. I will try the nail polish, but most of my bikes are blue!

  7. Hey Ed, Thanks for the info. I did a Google "shopping search" and found several online vendors that sell it.(Testors) Maybe I can inquire about the freshness of the product before I order it. I actually remember "old stock" being a problem when I was a kid. Although I had totally forgotten till you mentioned it.


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