Thursday, June 3, 2010

Centurion Accordo RS Rebuild

Above: My current project a 51cm Centurion Accordo RS. This is my first Centurion road bike, unless I`m having another "senior moment." It reminds me a great deal of the KHS Triathlete I did a while back. Very similar components and compact frame.

Above: Someone asked recently how to loosen the road brake lever constricting clamp. I think I explained it pretty good. But here is a look inside anyway. The top circle you see in there is the end of the cable. Just below that is the Allen head bolt. Sometimes it is a slotted screw head. But it would be in the same spot.

Above: One or two turns counter-clockwise with the Allen wrench or Screw driver. And it should be easy to remove or re-position the lever. Note: A T Handle Allen wrench is easier to use than the standard Allen wrench.

Above: This is pretty much everything I removed from the frame except the tires and 700c wheelset. I like to keep it some-what organized. The white Formica keeps everything clean and easy to see.

Above: Removing the crank arm dust cap to access the nut that holds the crank firmly onto the bracket end or spline. Once the cap is loosened it is easier to just take it off by hand. UPDATE: Use a Penny instead of a large screwdriver to remove the dust caps. You can clamp on to the penny with pliers to unscrew the cap if necessary.

Above: The bottom bracket reassembled after a good cleaning and re-greasing.You want it tight enough so that you don`t feel any play. But loose enough that it does not grind. I had to re-adjust this one to get it just right.

Above: I removed the 2 speed crankset so I could give it a good cleaning and polishing. As I have said before, It`s really the only way to get it cleaned up 100%. I did get a little more done today but no pics yet. I will take some more pics tomorrow and update Friday or Saturday. Below is a preview of my next project. It was donated by my Uncle Tim and Aunt Cathie. Thanks Guys :) You Rock!

I`m too tired to proof-read this tonight. So please forgive the mistakes. I`ll fix them latter. Till next time Ride Safe and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE & RECYCLE


  1. how many bikes you have...??

    are you open a bicycle shop at home...?

    seems you're pro in repair & rebuild the old bike

  2. Hey, hub`n ride
    I`m guessing I have 20 to 25 bikes right now.
    Not really a bicycle shop (yet) More like an out of control hobby. (: And Thank You, I try to
    do my best.

  3. hey, great job. i actually JUST got finished finishing up a centurion accordo RS as well. It's actually a new hobby of mine, fixing up old road bikes. very fun!

  4. Hey Michael, Thanks, I just got back into bicycles
    myself a few years ago after being away from them for many years. I forgot how much I enjoyed them.
    Now that you know where we are, Don`t be a stranger.

  5. Hi Hugh, just wanted to ask you where did you get your parts for the Accordo? Specifically the white aero brake hoods. so difficult to find, all i see are black hoods online. i am also restoring a mid 80's Accordo and i must say it's therapeutic. Thanks and great job.

  6. Hey Anonymous,
    I had the same problem. I ended-up cleaning the originals with Pine-Sol. You can check the ever changing E-bay from time to time. You might get lucky. I hope you do. Cheers

  7. When I was in college in the 80s, one of my brother's friends was selling a bike for $200.00, that I bought and still have. I've basically have been neglecting it in my garage, until this week, and it is a Centurion Accordo, too, a regular Accordo. But the doctor says get more exercise, so I'm cleaning it up, changing the tires, oiling it up and getting it fixed up...doctors ORDERS, well kind of. :)


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