Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fuji s10s a problem solved

The Fuji s10s is finally back "in-progress". I have done a little more work since this pic was taken. I am still waiting for the new saddle to arrive. Which by the way, will now be black. If the saddle does not show up soon I may break with policy and bad mouth the supplier on my blog. It took a week to find out it was on back order. Then two more weeks for them to NOT get it in stock. Then I finally contact them and I get "I was just gonna contact you" "We still can`t get the saddle in brown" (sigh) "We do now have it in black" "Would you like us to ship you the black version"? So I told them "Yes Please send the black one" What a load of crap! I ordered the bloody thing on the 6th of June. You would think after all that, They would have shipped the black one right away. No not these clueless wankers. I still haven`t received notice that it has been shipped. I wish they were in S.E. Mi. instead of on the west-coast. I would love to stop by and tell them where they can put "or shove" their @&% @#%$ saddle.

On a "happier note" (like that was happy) I have solved the "brake problem". I have refurbished the Dia Compe center pull brakes. Annnnd, I have installed them on the bike with Aero-Levers. I had an idea that I had been thinking about for a few weeks. On how to make center-pull brakes work with aero brake levers, (paticularly) on the front brake. The only one (center-pull front brake with aero lever) I saw a photograph of, did not look very good. The builder had to use an excessive amount of slack in the cable to make the semi-straight connection to the front brake. Which basically took away a bunch of the aeroness. Defeating the whole purpose of installing them in the first place. This is my solution to the problem.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for not posting sooner. I have been busy with the house (roof, siding and tree trimming). And it has been very muggy here, which has been kick`n my asthmatic butt. But we have a big cool-down coming and I should be getting more time and energy to work on the bikes. (:
That about wraps it up for now. Below is a photo showing the difference between the refurbished and polished caliper and the untouched caliper. As usual I used Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish and a Brass Brush
Till Next Time...RIDE SAFE and Remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE


  1. Is that a V Brake noodle in the second photo? I just used cable for my Falcon with aero levers and Weinmann center pulls, without much added run than you show, but the friction is a lot more than I'd like. I was going to try something like Jagwire, but I like the noodle idea a lot.

  2. Hey Steve,
    Thanks, And yes that is exactly what it is. I just saw them(v brake noodle set) for 2.00 @ Bike World USA (google shopping search) I had to grind the nipple down a little to get it to fit into the cable guide/adjuster. Once it is seated in there the brake-spring tension holds it in place. I can`t wait to see how it holds up under real riding conditions. I think,looking at it now
    that I should have taped it a little farther over
    towards the stem.

  3. Mr. B, the cycling piano player I commented about earlier, is going to be at the Top Of The Park in Ann Arbor at 6:30 Sunday. Great music and a most unusual bike.

    This is a video of last year's trip.

  4. Thanks Jay,
    I watched the video till it froze-up at the part where they were on the road to AnnArbor.
    My family reunion is this weekend so I won`t be able to make it to AnnArbor Sunday. Maybe next time. Thanks for sending along the video though.


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