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Nishiki Sebring Bracket and Crank-Set

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Above: I remove the bracket from the left side. I rinse out the bracket-shell with Clean-Streak. You can see I have already threaded the drive side cup into place with a light coat of bearing grease in the cup. The drive side cup gets screwed in all the way. Any adjustment in tightness will be done on the left side.
Above: I try to keep the left and right side cups and bearings together. Also I put the nut on the end of the drive-side to remind me that end goes in first. Everything gets a good cleaning and re-greasing before reassembly. I grease the drive-side bearing making sure the jacket is full. Then I lightly grease the bottom bracket axle.
Now I remove the nut from the drive-side end and slide the bearing onto the axle with the exposed side of the bearings facing out or into the cup. Once I slide the axle back into place feeling the bearings spinning smoothly in the cup. Then I can slide the protective plastic sleeve into place. Then grease the left-side bearing and cup. I like to slide the bearing onto the axle (again with exposed side of the bearings facing out) and then thread the cup back into place. It`s always a good idea to start screwing everything in by hand to avoid cross-threading.
Above: Once I have the bracket in just right, not so tight it grinds or so loose there is play. Then I can screw on the retainer ring. But before I tighten it down
with the bracket wrench. I hold the cup in place with an adjustable wrench. This way the bracket stays in adjustment when I torque the ring down. Now it`s ready for the crank set :)
Above: NOTE *I HAVE NOW TURNED THE FRAME AROUND ON THE STAND* I like to put a very light coat of grease on the axle spline. Someday I just might want to take this apart. Same with the retainer nut, just a slight touch of grease. It is important to use the correct socket when tightening the retainer nuts down. Not only the right size but the same number of points inside the socket.
In other words, the inside of the socket should be shaped just like the six point nut. This will prevent rounding-off the edges of the nut, making it easier to take apart (for service) and easier to tighten.
Above; The left side. The only thing you want to remember on this side (other than all the stuff we already talked about). Is make sure the pedal arm is pointing in the opposite direction. If you put them both on pointing down your gonna feel really silly. Not to mention you`ll have "a hell of a time" trying to pedal the darn thing!
Above: The crank-set before cleaning/polishing. This was taken apart and cleaned polished with Mothers. After-wards the Allen-heads were cleaned out with Turtle-Wax Chrome Cleaner/Polish and Rust Remover. I do this with Q-Tips dipped in the Turtle-Wax. I find this easier to do after the crank is back on the bike.
That about does it for the bracket and crank-set.
Above; Next post will be about getting these brakes looking and working good again.
Till next time, RIDE SAFE and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE


  1. I'm so glad I happened to stumble on this! I have an G0583 Sebring and was wondering what type of bottom bracket it had in it. Looks like it's easily serviceable. I have been contemplating dropping a CK or a Phil in the bracket but everyone that I have talked to has said the Sugino BB is still just as good as long as you keep it serviced well. I love the bike except for the clunky top stay. It's been a work in progress for over a year. From 10 speeds to 3 and now fixed. Pretty soon I plan on stripping it since the paint is pretty bad and in need of repainting.



  2. Hey Cory, Good to hear you like the site and hopefully found it useful. About that serial number
    G0583 You may already know this, but just in case, here goes. G = Giant manufactured the frame. 05 means it mas built in May. And 84 means in the year 1984. So congrats! You have a Giant built frame. I see no problem with the Sugino bottom bracket. And I agree with your friend with proper maintenance it should work fine. As far as being as good as a Phil Wood or Chris King bottom bracket. I really could not tell you. I think your friend meant as good "for your needs" And your friend is probably correct. OK as for the "Clunky" top stay. I think you mean the seat stay.
    Now to "my generation" Clunky means loose and rattling around. But I think you mean "Clunky" as in "an awkward design". At least I hope that`s what you mean. Get back to me about that one (: Good-Luck with the restoration let me know how it turns out.

  3. Hello sir, I just received a 1983 Sebring frame and fork set as a gift. I was wondering what size seat post it takes? Thank you

    1. Sorry,
      That bike is gone (sold) I do not keep records. If I did not mention the size in the post I really have no idea.


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