Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rampar Rapide Finished

Hello and Welcome, I`m not sure if I am ready to embrace this "new way" butt...
I did wrap the bars with Cinelli cork-tape in the modern way. I was not able to try the Crazy-Glue though. Seems the unopened tube was laying around here a little too long. I will have to try that (crazy glue) thing again at a later date.

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Above: The Rampar "Rapide". A Special Thanks to Alfred E Bike for getting the micro-adjust seat-post to me so promptly (as usual). Alfred E Bike is located in Kalamazoo, MI at 320 E Michigan Ave. Or "on the net" at aebike.com
Above: I did end up changing the pedals. The others were fine. Just a little scraped up. I do think these pedals "take-offs from the Fuji S10-S" look great.
I`m sure I will find a use for the others at some point in the future.
Above: Full drive-side view of the Rampar. I may have to shorten the new seat-post a little. It was "a little bit of work" getting it inserted in the seat-tube this far. I like the way the rear brake caliper looks mounted Mixte Style (facing forward). I will give it a good test ride to make sure it holds up. So far
riding around the drive it feels fine.
Above: A Port side view of the Rapide. This has to be one of the most unmolested frames I have had to work with in a while. No need to do any touch-ups on this paint job. And judging by the straightness of the wheels and the tread on the (what appear to be) original tires. I doubt this bike was ever really ridden.
Above: Another drive-side view of the Rapide.
Below: The Rapide as it looked when it first arrived from 'Up North"
Well that`s about it for the Rampar Rapide. I would love to hear your thoughts
on the rear brake mount. And any thoughts you may have (pro or con) about the bike.
Till next time. RIDE SAFE and Please remember to RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE "whenever you can". Cheers,Hugh
Below: A preview of coming distractions (:


  1. Looking good Hugh! I bought a pair of those black Tektro levers for an older Raleigh I'm restoring and I was really impressed with them considering how inexpensive they are.

    If you're interested, I posted some pics of my latest restoration on my newly constructed flickr page. It's a 1987 Lotus Challenger SX. Expect many many more to come as my garage is packed full with projects.


    Have a good one.

  2. By the way, what's up with that multi colored handlebar?

  3. Hey Greg, I agree the TekTro Aero-levers are a great value. I like the extra wide frame/hood. Makes for a very comfortable hand rest. And being an "over 50" rider I`ll take all the comfort I can get. Nice Lotus, They are great bikes. I restored a Lotus Excelle not to too long ago. About the color, Sitting on the bike they are blue-white-red (Like Flag of France) I guess "The Tour" inspired me to add a little french color.
    I can relate about the garage full of "project bikes in waiting" same here. Hey I like that repair stand. What brand / model is that?

  4. If the Lotus was my size I'd definitely be keeping it, but alas, I was born with short little legs so it's Craigslist bound.

    The repair stand is a "Wrench Force". It's made by Snap-On Tools for Trek bicycles. I like it about 5 times better than my Park stand. It's extremely sturdy and folds up nicely. I got mine for $140 because it was a floor model at my local Trek Dealer. They sell for $209.99 online at the link below:


  5. Hey Greg, I have two PCS 9 Park stands and they could be better quality. Especially the bolts/nuts for adjusting height. I think I have replaced them twice on my old stand. But I bought both of them in the "dead of winter" when they were on sale. I paid 85.00 for the first one. And about 100.00 for the second. So I can`t really complain too much. But my new stand by "Feed-Back" Sports is awesome. Lightweight,breaks down easily. It is the same company who make the amp stands. I think this is a new venture for them. Can`t really recommend it yet, I haven`t had it long enough. I hear you about the Lotus being too tall. I bought mine form a guy who is 6ft 4 And I`m just under 5ft 11. But I never planned on keeping it anyway. Cheers

  6. You might want to try to do a neater job taping the bar tape at the top. Trim the last wrap at an angle so that it lies flat. Also you have it wrapped in the wrong direction. Right should be counter-clockwise, left clockwise, from the rider's POV.

  7. Live and learn. Isn't that what you want?

    There are reasons that things are done the way they are on bicycles.

    Why the approval before a post? Kinda defeats the purpose of an interactive blog, doesn't it?

    Love the captcha, too. Like robots are reading this blog.

  8. Hey Anonymous,
    Yes that is what I want. I just get a little frustrated sometimes. Just tired I guess. Why the approval before a post? I`m afraid that is just the way it has to be. Some folks like to use blogs to post links to all kinds of unrelated junk. And some people are just looking to "raise a little hell" I guess. I understand that things are done the way they are on bicycles for a reason. I also understand that "nothing is carved in stone" Things change, today`s modern will be tomorrows obsolete. You can bet someone has already found a better way to tape handlebars. We just haven`t heard about it yet. And "I will" eventually get this tape thing right. Probably just in time to hear about the "next new way" to do it. If robots are reading this blog, I hope they are enjoying it.

  9. Hugh, We all get frustrated.

    Bars are taped in the direction I pointed out for a simple reason, people ride bikes, and the natural tendency when holding the bars puts pressure on the tape. If you wrap in one direction, it tightens, the other, it loosens.

    This all assumes the rider has arms and hands, of course, and uses them to grip the bars.

    So that pretty much is written in stone, or at least very hard clay ;)


  10. Anonymous,
    Point taken. And very well put. I`m gonna watch "the video" a few times before my next attempt. It will be on the "Nishiki" though. I can`t afford to waste the tape.

  11. Hello,
    This bike turned out nice. The aero levers and rear brake mounting really work to make it appear "cleaner and sleeker". For me, a set of sportier tires would have completed the transformation, but you may have been constrained by the rims and budget. I also like the way the handlebars are taped. By the way, just who wasted all their time carving all these things in stone? Pettiness is never constructive. Onward and upward I say. See ya' around the farm........

  12. Hey J,
    Good point about the tires. I did not think of it at the time. But looking at the photos now, I think your "right on the money". I did get a good deal on the Kenda K35s. And I bought enough of them to get free shipping. But after buying new brakes and levers. I had to pull the plug on spending.
    About the tape "Anonymous" is correct about how the tape is supposed to be done. And I always say "I learn more from constructive criticism than from praise" But saying it is a lot easier than living it. Especially when you
    are tired and beat-down by the heat. But I respect Anonymous`s opinion and commitment to
    "doing it right". What I should have done was gotten some rest. Then answered his comment when I was feeling better. "My Bag"
    Hey, Thanks for mentioning the back brake, I`m actually a little proud of it. As always
    Great to here from you.Ride Safe,Hugh

  13. How much did it weigh when you first bought it versus now?

    1. I never weighed it. This is not a light weight bike by any stretch of the imagination. So weighing the bike never even entered my mind. Sorry


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