Friday, October 29, 2010

Schwinn Continental Part 3

Hello and Welcome, I hope everyone got through the storm OK. We were very fortunate. The power here never went out. And the Oak trees shed very little lumber in the high winds. Here is my latest update on the Continental.
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Above: The front wheel finished and back on the bike sporting a new Kenda K35 Skin-Wall. Also front center-pull caliper refurbished with new Jag-Wire Shoes.

Above: The rear wheel cleaned-up nice. It took a while to "true-up" the wheel as several of the spokes were loose. I took this pic before I removed a few links from the chain. The rear derailleur cleaned up nice. It took a little longer than usual as I was out of White-Lightning Clean-Streak. I used Q-tips to get at all the little nooks and crannys. I did use some Green Bio-Degradable de-greaser along with mothers (Mag and Aluminum Polish) and Turtle-Wax (Chrome cleaner/Polish). In the end I think it came out just as clean. I used the very last of the Clean-Streak on the free-wheel. I gave it a good scraping and brushing (between the gears)before spraying.

Above: Here the bike is starting to take shape. I did end-up changing the handlebars. The Fuji bars were a little too small of a diameter. I can`t imagine anyone riding this monster having small hands. So I robbed Peter (La-Tour) to pay Paul (Continental). So now it is sporting a sweet set of light weight Road-Champions. (pic coming soon) As you can see it still has the temporary saddle.
The new Saddle was delivered late today with the new brake-lever hoods.

Above: The pedals on the Continental were cheap replacements, and did not even match 100%. So I took these pedals from the Varsity`s parts box (which appear to be Continental upgrades) and refurbished them. I used every thing to clean them up.
This would include a Brass-brush and a Brass Power brush, Turtle-Wax Chrome Cleaner/Polish/Rust-Remover and Mother`s Mag and Aluminum Polish. I did see a beautiful 1980 Continental on you-tube. The restorer listed Mother`s as his Chrome Polish of choice. And the chrome looked fantastic. I have been using Turtle-Wax Chrome Cleaner Polish since the 1970`s on cars and motorcycles. Maybe it is time for a change.

Above: A close-up of the "Schwinn Approved" rear derailleur. Sounds kind of silly now SCHWINN APPROVED! But back in the day, that really meant something. Because before the light-weights, Schwinn ruled the roads of America.

Above; The front derailleur all cleaned up and ready to go to town! I don`t about you but.. I just cant get enough of that "Schwinn Approved" engraving (:

Above: Here is a shot of those Phat Road-Champion bars. I think that was a good switch. Also a shot of the rear brake-lever with a new Cane-Creek hood installed.
Of course the suicide levers were removed earlier and the mount post cut-off almost flush with the lever frame or body. I think I`m going to do a post (soon) about making these hoods work with the standard Continental levers.

Well, That`s about it for tonight. I will be finishing this bike tomorrow. Actually it`s almost done now. But I did not want to take any more pics till the new cork tape is on. So check back soon, I think you are going to like the way it turned out. In the mean time, Ride Safe and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE Cheers,Hugh

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