Monday, November 1, 2010

1980 Continental finished

Hello and Welcome,
I put the finishing touches on the 1980 Continental Sat am. It was cloudy so the pics don`t really do it justice. Also, a bike I built last winter came back for repairs /changes

This pic got the Bare-Bones Continental featured on for Halloween! SWEET!

The skin-walls look like white-walls. But are actually a tad darker than a white-wall

Going back to the Phat  SAKE Road-Champion bars was a good choice

This is always a good pic to include in your ads. It shows attention to detail

The hoods required some razor cutting and removal of the "suicide levers"

The Track-Saddle goes well with the tape and hoods and the bare-bones look

Chain-stay guard made with 3-M detail tape.  There is a  little rust spot, at just past  12 : 00 on  the chain-ring guard.

An old friend came back this week  for some changes / repairs.

Damaged levers replaced with re-furbished two-way levers. Extra padding was added to the bars on the flats and inside the curl.

Above: Work has resumed on the Red Varsity. I found some near-mint and very correct looking wheels for it today for 15.00 (and some change). I might be going with road-tires after all. I have a set of black-walls that I think will look great on this bike. Updates coming soon. In the mean-time Please Ride Safe and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE


  1. I had to look at that crank again harder. The reflection made it look like a triple at first! It DOES show attention to detail.

  2. Hey Steve,
    Your right is does. I had not noticed that. I just finished cleaning up the Ashtabula crank for the Varsity. Thank God the next Schwinn "Caliente" has a three piece crank. At least I think it does?

  3. Hey Hugh love this bare bones look you once went for. I am rehabbing the same bike, year and color, as we speak. I've never removed the suicide brake levers so they look like the ones you have here. I have the hoods, can I simply detach such and put the hoods on. Thanks!


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