Saturday, January 14, 2012

2011 The Year in Bikes and Honerable Mentions

Hello and Welcome,
Once again it is time to review the past year in Bikes. First I would like to thank everyone who visited this blog in 2011. The blog went over the 100,000 views mark! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this was remotely possible. Also thanks to everyone who has supported the Face-Book page. You can check-out the Face-Book page by clicking on the Link/Logo which is located in the right side column. (near the top) If you do visit the Face-Book page, Please click on "Like" to show your support. I hope you have found something useful on the blog. Thanks again, Hugh
January: (Above) The 1973 Raleigh Sports 3 speed step-through. Sorry the weather prevented me from getting any out-of-doors pics before this bike went to it`s new owner.
February:(Above) The 1980`s Schwinn Le-Tour Mixte. A reader and loyal follower "Gail" liked this bike so much she duplicated it. And if I may so myself "She did a fine job"(see below)

Above : Gail`s Mixte. Well Done Gail!
March: (Above) This Fuji Thrill was one of my favorites. I like to call this style an Urban Commuter/Campus Bike. I love the practicality of this type of bicycle.

April: (Above) I am very proud of this Raleigh Pursuit. I really enjoyed building it. It was quite a transformation, and a great learning experience.
May:(Above) A Sears Free-Spirit "Physio-Fit" and a Department Store Schwinn and some Old Ten Speed parts and some internet shopping. Mix it it all together and you get the "Physio-Phat". Latter some of the good stuff was used on a better Schwinn frame.
June: (Above) The 1969 "Parliament Custom-Built Made in England" I have tried to keep it as original and period correct as I possibly can. It is still a work in progress. I promised myself that I would take as much time as I needed to get this bike exactly like I envisioned it. which means I will eventually use Brooks leather handlebar wrap on it.
July: (Above) The Giant Attraction Urban Commuter/Campus Bike is the bike I ride the most. I think I am going to up-grade the crank. I am not quite ready to part with this bike. It is a very comfortable ride!
August: (Above) The 1972 Motobecane Nomade. I probably paid too much for this bike. So I may have to keep it for my self to avoid taking a loss :)
September: (Above) The GT Avalanche. An insane amount of touch-up went into the paint. I love the triple triangle frame and the Rock-Shox are really strong and smooth.
October: (Above) My first fixed-gear build. I used the stars and stripes theme to cover-up the badly scratched frame. I call it my "Harlem Globe Trotters Tribute Bike". I`m hoping to find a 57 or 58 cm frame with much better paint.
November: (Above) The Ross Adventurer. This was my first crank conversion. The Ross also received better brakes, stem, handlebars, levers, kickstand, handlebar wrap etc. etc.
December: (Above) More work than parts went into this Gary Fisher Mt Jam. I am currently touching-up the paint and plan to add a Ze'Fal under saddle clip-on bag.
Above: 2011 One I should have kept. The Schwinn Hurricane

Above: 2011 Favorite kids bike, the Raleigh Rowdy. Where was this bike when I was a kid?
Above: 2011 The fastest Sale, men`s Brittany 3 speed. It sold while I was photographing it.
Above: 2011 Favorite Project. Ross Adventurer one piece to three piece crank conversion.
Above: 2011 The most unusual bike "hands down" the CSA Auto-Bike
Above: 2011 Best Head-Badge and company name. The unrestored Golden-Sports by ZebraKenko. Ryan nailed it, it does look like a door knocker!
Above: 2011 April The most dramatic transformation. The Raleigh Pursuit
Above: 2011 I saved the best for last. My favorite bike of 2011 the Raleigh Technium 460. This was my first bonded frame "road" bike. Like all great bikes the frame was the wrong size for me. So it goes...

Before I close I would like to say a special Thank You to my son John. Without his help I would be lost. Thank you Son, Your the Best!

Until next time, Please Ride Safe and Remember to Always RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE
Cheers, Hugh


  1. Beautiful bikes and beautiful work, Hugh. Thanks for sharing the pics with us. I found your blog through a mutual FB friend. I'm an enthusiastic rider but have never really worked on my own or restored bikes. Just the same I find your posts inspiring. Thanks!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and may your next trip around the sun be at least as enjoyable and productive as the last one seems to have been. =) I must say though I do prefer the blog posts over the fb.

  3. Hugh,thanks so much for all the enjoyable posts in 2011. I have really enjoyed following the progress on your builds and learning a trick or two along the way. Looking forward to more from Hugh's "Magic Shop" where what goes in scruffy comes out spectacular. Maybe this is the year you find a Raleigh International or Motobecane Grand Record that is just your size ;-)

  4. Thanks Steve M,
    I appreciate the kind words. Also I am pleased to hear you enjoy the blog. Thanks for leaving a comment. It is always good to hear from people who appreciate what I am trying to do.
    Cheers, Hugh

  5. Thanks John,
    I hope the New year is enjoyable for you as well. The Face-Book page is in no way
    intended to replace the blog. I realize it is "a work in progress" at best. But I am very pleased that some very good info has already been shared there. I hoped that people would share pics and tips about their own bikes on the face book page. And a few have and I hope in time that more readers and followers will use it. Like the blog, it will take some time for the Face Book page to find it`s own identity. I like to use it to keep people posted as to what I have coming up on the blog.
    But hey, nothing is "carved in stone". If the face book page does not work out, I`m sure eventually it will just fade away.

  6. Thanks Ryan,
    It is good to hear that you have found some useful tips on the blog. But I`m really hoping to find an older "Super Mirage" in glossy black with red trim. I did one years ago, but it had a very small frame. So of course I sold it to finance another project. But I always thought it was one of the sweetest looking vintage bikes I had ever seen. It had not occurred to me at that time to save the few pics I had taken of it. But that is one of the things I really love about this. You never know what you are going to find next :)
    Cheers, Hugh

  7. Thanks for an original and unique bike restoration blog. You have helped renew my youthful enthusiasm for bicycling. This year will be a better one for me, and I hope it will be a better one for you as well.

    My upcoming project is to build a 700c wheelset for my Fuji Pulsar, then add SKS fenders. This could be the year to add a vintage Motobecane. I am seeing some possibilities appear on eBay.

    I am actually way ahead of where I was when I abandoned cycling back in 1985 -- not in miles on the road, of course, but in knowledge of bicycle mechanics, and the realisation that small details really count. Age and maturity do provide some advantages. Miles on the road will accumulate, too, as time goes by.

    Take time to share some of your favorite local rides. I'm sure everyone will enjoy reading about them. After all, beautiful bikes are meant to be ridden and fully appreciated.

  8. Hugh, I just wanted to chime in and thank you for the good work you have done with both bicycles and your blog. 100,000 hits!

    Well, you deserve it and like all the others, I look forward to sharing in some fine craftsmanship in 2012.


  9. Thanks FujiPulsar88.
    I sincerely appreciate hearing from people who read the blog and have found it helpful in some way.
    You probably already know this, but just in case. There is a 3 part wheel building tutorial in the "Bicycle Related Links" section. You may find it helpful.
    I too have a fondness for the old MotoBecanes
    (and Raleighs as well).And I certainly can relate to what you are saying about gaining the knowledge. When I got back into doing this, I thought I knew a little about refurbishing bikes. Actually I knew very little. And I will probably say the same thing again three years from now.
    Your correct about sharing my rides on the blog. I have not done that in a while. I will keep that in mind for sure. I am riding my vintage Schwinn exerciser almost every day in preparation for the upcoming riding season.
    In closing I would like to say Thank You again for the kind words and encouragement that you and others have given me.
    Cheers, Hugh

  10. It's always a pleasure hearing back from you, Hugh. You might not yet fully appreciate that you are leading the way for many others with your bike restoration projects. I, too, remain in training during the off-season by making use of an upright exercise bike, which I enhanced by ordering a seat adapter mount from Derri-Air, along with a large, gel seat, making it much more comfortable to ride. Some days I go as much as 25 miles on the odometer, with the resistance set to what I reckon is comparable to a nice, flat, asphalt road with just a slight headwind. I would actually say that miles on the Fuji road bike are easier than miles on the exercise bike, so I should be up to speed for a 25-mile loop out on county roads as soon as the weather becomes favorable again.

  11. Thanks TJ,
    I appreciate that. I am hoping that in 2012 I am able to find some sponsors for the blog. I say sponsors because I won`t have the blog filled with a bunch of "cheesy advertising". But a few Sponsors would be nice. I am going to contact companies that make products or offer services that I already use or do business with. I will have to do some research first, because this is all new to me.
    To those who "rush to judgment" and say Don`t do it. All I can say is this. Do you get paid when you go to work? Because I don`t. And I work very hard at this. I`m not looking to "cash in" I would just like be compensated for my work and my endorsements. I don`t think that is asking for too much out of life.
    Anyway brother, We`ll see how it goes. I hope all is well with You and Yours. I look forward to some new projects in 2012. And learning some new things as well. Thanks Again. Cheers, Hugh

  12. Thanks Fuji Pulsar,
    I always enjoy hearing from all of you as well.(almost all of I love that company name "Derri-Air" Actually I`m looking for the right saddle for my Schwinn Exerciser. The saddles that I thought would be an improvement, were actually much worse. I suspect it has to do with the upright riding position. I`ll check-out Derri-Air and see what is available.
    Personally I think my Exerciser is every bit the workout that my real bikes are, probably more so. I try to simulate hills by constantly changing the resistance. And besides, There is no coasting on the Exerciser!
    Sounds like we have the same goal. I just want to be able to get on my bike and ride 25 miles in reasonable comfort. I hope You and Yours have a great 2012.
    Cheers, Hugh

  13. Very Nice Bikes Hugh! A lot personal passion looks like it went into these. What type of tires are on the Giant Attraction Urban Commuter/Campus Bike?


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