Saturday, November 2, 2013

Zebrakenko Mixte Restoration Part 2

Hello and Welcome,
I recently restarted the Zebrakenko restoration. I had striped the bike to the frame then sanded the frame using wet/dry sandpaper.

Above: To remove the paint from the nooks and crannies I used a Vermont American fine brass wheel brush. As for the drill I used my high speed DeWalt 8 amp Drill. CAUTION: You must WEAR SAFETY GLASSES or GOGGLES when using the wheel brush or any power tool that rotates in any way.

Above: After the sanding was finished I hung up the frame for about a month or so while I worked on some other projects. So when it was time to spray primer I quickly re-sanded the frame and wiped it down with mineral spirits. Now I am confident the frame is ready for primer.

Above: This is my first time using white primer. If I were to use grey or black primer it could show through in some hard to reach spots. My thinking is this white primer should make my Sunburst Yellow Rust-Oleum enamel really pop.

Also when the paints get chipped the white primer should make any chips much less noticeable. I am using Rust-Oleum brand primer for clean metal. After seeing the white primer I was wondering if I should have painted the frame white?

Above: After seeing the Sunburst Yellow enamel on the frame I am glad I decided to stay the course. I am considering installing white fenders (mudguards) or possibly chrome fenders with white tires. The weather has now turned cooler. The day I painted it was just warm enough to paint (50 degrees Fahrenheit) but the humidity was much lower than the maximum recommended humidity of 85%. The humidity was about 40% when I sprayed. Due to the cooler weather I am going to let the frame cure for a week or two before I start reassembly. I hope the cooler weather has not had a negative effect on the paint.

Above: Here I have wet sanded the fork. To remove the paint from and around the fork crown, I will again use the Vermont American fine brass wheel brush. The same goes for the *drop-outs.
* Drop outs: Sometimes referred to as drops, are the four points on a bicycle frame and fork, where the wheel hub axles fit into the slots. (on the rear frame or lower fork ends)

Above: Here "hopefully" you can see the paint removed from around the fork crown detail. I also use little pieces of gritty wet sand paper folded to get some of the really tight spots. Probably not my best photography.. sorry bout that.

Above: I had a very small "weather window" to get the fork primed and painted. If not in a rush I normally would have removed or taped off the crown race. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Above: I do need to order a set of Zebrakenko decals soon, which I believe are $29.99 . I will have to double check the model name. I think this one is a "Thunder" model. I am not real crazy about the idea of spending the 29.99 for decals. But I definitely want them.

Above: This photograph shows the "Thunder" decal located correctly on the drive side chain stay just behind the indentation in the stay. I often use photographs to check the proper location of the other decals and clamp-on cable guides, shifters etc. etc.

Above: I was going to refurbish and use this wheel set for the Zebrakenko. But upon closer inspection they are not exactly a set.

Above: This wheel is clearly marked 27 X 1 1/4 which is typical for old "bike boom" ten speeds from the 1970's

Above: This wheel is clearly marked 700 C. I am glad I gave them a closer look before I started cleaning them up. They were both salvaged from Motobecane road bikes but obviously not the same model.

Above: I might salvage the wheels off this Nishiki Century. It has a cheap (stamped) crank and appears to be one of their entry level models. I also have another option, a woman's Fuji that was just donated. But I also have a beautiful Fuji Mixte frame I wanted to use the recent Fuji as a donor bike for the Fuji Mixte. I`ll have to think about it while I am rebuilding the crank and headset.

Above: I think a "Zombie Ride" looks like it could be lots of fun! I have heard of "Zombie Walks" and such. But this is the first Zombie Bicycle Event I have seen. I guess I need to get out more. Or at least get to the city more. I hope if a Zombie Ride comes up in S.E. Michigan I hear about it in advance. I did order the Zebrakenko (Thunder) decals last night from Velocals and I think the frame is ok to handle now. No decision regarding the wheel-set yet. After I post this I will go take another look. The first order of business will be cleaning up the seatpost and installing it. Then I can mount the frame correctly in the stand and get to work on the headset and crank.
The Michigan VS Michigan State football game is on, and so far things are not looking real good for the Wolverines. I`m going to go watch the 2nd half inthe shop. This way something good can come out of watching the game.
Until Next Time...Please... RIDE SAFELY!.......And Remember to Always.....RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE!
Cheers, Hugh


  1. The yellow WAS a great choice and you won't regret spending for the decals. They make the bike look finished.

  2. looking good Hugh.Anxious to see the finished product.

  3. You can just see it unfold....Somebody is going to get a very nice ride!

  4. Its really nice to know the details and different steps of the Thunder project, i will definitely refer to this page in the near future when i repaint a frame, keep up the great work! How did the bottom bracket go for you? Did you have to repack the bearings? A zombie ride would be alotta fun! In my town we have an annual Bicycle poker run in the summer, after lots of beers and hot weather it turns into a zombie ride, lol

  5. I don't get it. Is this the winter of our discontent, or merely the winter of less content, as in blog posts. wait: I think that was a question which means i forgot the question mark?

    Good lord. Look, guys, I am working on what amounts to a genial chain gang, meaning that i spend most evenings wrapping my fingers around a cold beer, then soaking them in hot water in the motel sink, then wrapping etc. repeat. That's my excuse, plus my general bitterness about having to actually DO something to get money...but come on! POST UP, DOGS! That means you, Roadie, and you, Hugh, and you, Bangs! Don't make me get the whips out!

    yer pal, ol' sore hands


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