Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Note to my Blog followers / readers

I regret that I have not been blogging lately. We have had the most brutal winter we have had in quite a few years. It's just not feasible to heat the garage / shop this winter. And with the remodeling and redecorating of the living room (which is pretty much finished now) there is too much "stuff" stored in the downstairs family room to make room for a bike project. I needed to "take a break" anyway, so I guess maybe it was meant to be.

Above: The patio table just outside our eat-in kitchen door wall. This was to most snow from a single storm we have seen in years.

Above: This "Snow Egg" is actually an end table with a small flowerpot on it. At one point the windchill factor was -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Not the worst I have seen here, that was - 47 F. But none the less it's been really cold! This snow was followed by what some call an "Arctic front" around here we call it an "Alberta Clipper". We have another arctic front coming through tomorrow night. Tuesday's high is expected to be + 8 degrees Fahrenheit, it should be a "cake walk" compared to the last one.

Above: The ice storm that knocked out the power for a large part of this area was the biggest we have seen (right here) since the 1980's. We were lucky, the power outage area started on the next street. I'm not getting this in the correct order the ice storm came first.

Above: The ice storm did make for some great photo ops. This was taken in the State Park "Highland Recreation Area" just a few miles from here. The Ford family once had a summer home there. I think the Ford family donated the land that is now part of the state park.

Above: It's hard to believe I took this picture out the same window just a few months ago. To help pass the time we have been finishing off the living room and getting some things "fixed" from the kitchen re-mod last summer. And we are planning our next vacation, which looks like it will be on Mackinac Island again. Which we are very pleased about:) This time I might rent bikes instead of hauling one up there. Then I can blog about the different bike rental places and options.

Above: The old picnic table out back is rotting away. We only use it for feeding the squirrels and birds these days.

Above: For comparison....The same picnic table this winter. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate winter, I just don't love it as much as I once did. I`ll have the blog back up and running when the weather breaks. Enjoy your winter wherever you are :) Cheers, Hugh


  1. Good lord, son, I forget about the brutality of northern winters. I am just glad that you are alive and well. My demographic ain't exactly the youth group and so, when a long absence occurs, I naturally fear the worse. Another winter behind us, I look forward to more of Hugh's Blog and the dynamite tech learning that you so generously share with we mortals of the bicycular kind.


  2. Thanks for the update Hugh. I enjoy your blog.

  3. Thanks for the update, glad to hear all is well. Looking forward to spring. =)

  4. No need to apologize Hugh I sure wouldn't want to trudge out to the garage to work in those conditions either! I think there is a word for what you have been doing ...Hibernation

  5. Glad to know you have not yet frozen. I also notice I like summer better compared to winter as the years pass.

  6. Glad your back blogging. You were missed.

  7. Hugh, I always like your perspective, including in this winter time off. I look forward to reading your future repair projects! Pat

  8. Wow, you guys got a real beat down with the snow over there. Everything bike related seems to grind to a halt during the wintertime. I too have been busy with other things as well as trying to stay warm. Take care!

  9. Im really glad to see you blogging again. I've always enjoyed reading your posts and tips. I was worried something had happened to you. Happy Trails Hugh.

  10. You've got my sympathies for sure. I'm in the same situation in northeast Ohio. This has been one long, cold, brutal, unforgiving, unrelenting, brutal, no-fun winter.
    Here's hoping for the patience to endure.

    Steve Z

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