Tuesday, July 21, 2009

U of M Wolverines Tribute Bike Finished

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What do you do with a Blue and Yellow bike with all the original badges removed? Well if you live in Michigan and you love UM Wolverines Football. (and who don`t) You make it a Maze & Blue rolling tribute bike. And I must give my neighbor Troy the credit. He was the first one to notice that the yellow and blue paint would appeal to a U of M fan. So having no idea where to find the original K.H.S. "Triathlete" Badges and decals. I made the decision to try to locate some small good quality Wolverines stickers. Thanks to wolverinesplanet.com I was able to purchase some good quality UM Wolverines stickers. I think they look really good. However on the fork I do have one of the big M`s off center. That will be an easy fix as there were plenty of extras. Strategically locating the graphics I was able to cover up the worst of the scratches on the bike. So the wolverines stickers solved two problems. Not a bad investment for about 15.00 . Now I have a bike that I am proud to ride. If you would like to see the KHS project from start to finish, check the Blog Archive. Now for the current project. Today I finished stripping the MOTOBECANE mixtie down to the frame. Also I de greased the headset bearings and the nuts and spacers for the headset. White Lightning Clean Streak is my de greaser of choice. No photo`s yet except in the Blog Archive (May 8th 2009) I blogged about hunting bicycles. The "La Tour d`e France" is winding down. I got in some "masonry work" this week so I haven`t been watching as much as I would have liked to. But work is always good, helps pay those pesky bills! Well Bike Lovers, Ride Safe and remember RESCUE RESTORE & RECYCLE. Cheers,Hugh

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