Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Univega Via Montega

Hello and Welcome,
This week (starting Sunday) I have been cleaning-up this Univega Montega hybrid. I think Univega is one of the most under rated bicycles around. My Univega Viva Sport was one of the finest older road bikes I have ever owned. This Univega has very nice components mostly the better Shimano (as in good, better, best) that were available at the time.

Below: The soft ride stem is really cool. The stem absorbs all the bumps making the ride much easier on the arms elbows and shoulders. It does take a little while to get a feel for it. But once you do it is well worth it. It also has a Specialized cyclometer (also seen below) that is working fine, after installing a new battery.

The Shimano derailleurs work well with the quick-fire style shifters. And the Shimano cantilever brakes are very good quality for their era. I have installed new grips (Mongoose) and a new Schwinn comfort sports saddle.

I also added a new multi speed chain to insure smooth shifting. I took the wheels off and removed the tires for inspection. Then water tested the inner tubes for leaks and checked for patches. The tubes were in perfect condition. When remounting the tires I made sure the tags (labels) were facing the drive side. Also centering the valve stems to the tire labels. That really gives it a nice clean and professional look. After de greasing and cleaning and adjusting the derailleurs. I decided to remove the jockey wheels and clean them up. I did not like the way the chain was traveling through the rear derailleur. It was binding up slightly. It turned out to be a tight link in the new chain. That`s ok. Because the inner workings of the jockey wheels needed cleaning anyway. Speaking of cleaning, the front chain-rings were real gunked up. It took a little time and a little Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish. But they really cleaned up nicely. And of course all the alloy parts got the mothers treatment as well. And the frame got a good cleaning too. Today I will test ride it and make any final adjustments and changes. Well I`m gonna hit the trail before the day heats up. So Please Ride Safe, and Remember to Always... RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE


  1. I bought some Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish after reading about your success with it. Wow! I can't believe what it does to aluminum. I even shined my gold wedding ring with it on a whim.

  2. Thank You. It is wonderful stuff. And it is great to hear some positive feedback. Just when I thought nobody was listening.

  3. Hugh, I have a Univega Via Montega with Shimano BR-M454 brakes. I need new Pads. Which pads will work?? and where can I get them? thanks, barry

  4. Hey Barry,
    I think you can get those shoes at
    Have one of the shoes handy before you visit the site and you can match them up visually. If you have any doubt go the Niagara`s home page & click-on contact us. Give them the part number of the brake and ask them if they have the correct shoes or a suitable replacement.It may take a day or two max. But you will hear back from them. Sorry I can not give you the part number, I no longer own that bike.
    And there is always the "e-bay" If you go that route, make sure you check the sellers rating. Good Luck,Hugh

  5. Really nice Univega, love the color of the paint job.

    1. Thanks,
      In retrospect, I think I should have hung onto that bike. The shock absorbing stem was really unusual. Although it felt like the handlebars were about to fall off at any moment. Very strange sensation riding that bike!


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