Friday, August 14, 2009

UPDATE: It`s not so easy being a Squirrel

Today while working on a ladies Schwinn Traveler Restoration, One of the baby Squirrels ran past the garage door.I had the door open as it was rather warm today. Anyway he runs and hides under my sons car.

Then a Red-tail Hawk flies around the corner "very quietly I might add" Well, Now I know why the Squirrel was in such a rush. So the Hawk lands in a small tree near the end of the drive. Now the Squirrel bolts for the trailer parked in the back yard. So the hawk lands on the trailer and waits for the Squirrel to make a run for it. I go get my piece of $#!& camera and to take some photos of the Hawk. Yesterday I spotted a large cat carrying off what I think might have been the other baby Squirrel.
The Hawk was getting annoyed by my presence, so it took flight and landed in the big Oak out back. When I tried to photograph it in the Oak the hawk just gave up and flew away. Note: I could not get a good photo with the p.o.s. camera. This is the same tree probably a different hawk. Photographed with the new (at the time) Fuji Finepix S1500 camera. I`m no big fan of Red Squirrels. Probably because they are always trying to find away into the attic space. But after encountering these two orphaned baby Red Squirrels. And watching them trying to survive in a sometimes harsh world. I do kind of feel for them. And I am hoping the remaining squirrel makes it. I will try to get this bicycle blog back on track soon. In the mean time Ride Safe and Remember to Always RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE

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