Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sportex 12 Resto-Mod

Hello and Welcome. I have been busy refurbishing two bikes I found at a thrift shop the other day. I don`t care for the term "flipping bikes". I think it implies a quick wash a couple of adjustments (if your lucky) And a quick buck on craigslist. I honestly try to make sure the bicycles I sell are in good working order. And safe to ride. And hopefully won`t nickel and dime the new owner to death in the first month. Anyway, I found this 12 speed SPORTEX at the Thrift Store today. It has a really nice Lugged frame. It reminds me a lot of some of the Asian built Schwinn`s of the 1980`s. Also the paint is in wonderful condition with minimal scratching. But all the components are crap. Ok maybe cheap is a better word. But I have enough parts laying around that I think I can make it into something special. What I really like about this bike is that I have never seen or heard of them before. I rushed home so I could check on . I did not see one on the list, that means this might be a first for the OTSG. The OTSG is really cool especially if you love old ten speeds. And who doesn` So with ten-speeds being submitted from all over the world. It is cool to submit a "first". I imagine as time goes by that is going to become tougher to do. So check it out sometime. And if you have an old ten-speed Road Bike you would like to share. Send it in and tell them Hugh sent you. Before I go. I have another "Beach-Cruiser" project I am excited about. I am calling it "The Schwuffy Project" I will probably be posting that one real soon. So stop by and check it out. Mean-time Ride Safe and remember to RESCUE RESTORE & RECYCLE.

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