Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sportex / Schwuffy Project

Hello and Welcome. Today I stripped the Sportex-12 down to the frame. After giving it way to much thought,I have decided to cannibalize a Fuji Tour 3 for the Sportex project.

The Fuji is much to tall for me and the frame is a little rough with some rust. But it does have some excellent components. For instance the Alloy 27 x 1 1/8 Wheelset spin true and there is no grind. Also the derailleurs are good quality, As are the Sake Road Champion drop handlebars and Stem. Also the three piece crank looks good too. And I can always clean-up the Fuji frame and sell it as a Fixed Gear project. So nothing use-able will be wasted. Also I removed the stickers from the Sportex (see pic). I used a hair dryer (wife`s) to soften up the adhesive. And used GOO GONE to remove the residue. GOO-GONE is citrus based (it must be it smells like oranges). Anyway I have used it for years and highly recommend it. One other thing I want to mention. It turns out the Sportex frame is almost identical to the Fuji frame. I also noticed the Pie-Plate is identical. That`s all good, since I happen to like Fuji bikes a lot.

Also yesterday I worked on the Schwuffy-Project all afternoon and early evening. I think it wil be really cool. I would say "I`m gonna keep it" but that never seems to happen. I swapped the damaged saddle for a retro looking Bell wide comfort saddle. I also swapped the modern resin pedals for a set of Vintage Schwinn Bow shaped block pedals. Annnnd for the grips, it had foam grips (not very retro) Now it sports a set of circa 1961 "Schwinn Approved" logo grips. They look AWSOME! Then I removed the Huffy sticker badge and replaced it with a Genuine Schwinn Chicago oval badge. Next I covered up the Huffy on the chain-guard with one of my stickers. I`m considering changing the Huffy on the chain-guard to Schwuffy. And I also did all the usual polishing and rust removal. This morning I adjusted the rear axle (no-play/no-grind) and mounted a Schwinn water bottle cage. And if I do sell it. I will sell it as an imposter. The reason I did the Schwuffy in the first place is. I just kept looking at one when they first appeared at Kmart. And I kept thinking "If they had only done this or If they had only done that" Well I did and I was Well it`s getting late (it`s 7:41 pm) OK it feels like it`s getting late So I will say goodbye for now. Until next time Please RIDE SAFE and Remember to Always.... RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE


  1. I can attest to the good properties of "Goo Gone" myself. Also over many years.

  2. Thanks for confirming that Steve. It is always
    good to get some feedback.


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