Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sportex 12 Project Continues

Hello and Welcome.
This morning I started to cannibalize the FUJI for the Sportex build. I like to get the threaded headset and crank squared away first.

No point doing anything else till I have the basics. To me that is frame, headset, three piece crankset and two functioning wheels. Also I need to mention I am going to use some brake parts from a NISHIKI OLYMPIC. I bought it a few years ago, and tore it down then stopped. I noticed the frame looked stressed in a couple of spots. And decided to shelf it till I found another frame.

This morning I was poking around the garage looking for a set of brakes for the Sportex. That`s when I ran across the shelf full of components from the NISHIKI. Vintage Dia Compe Center Pull Caliper Brakes,Works for me! The Dia-Compe Center-Pulls will be a huge improvement over the Chang-Star side pulls on the original bike. You might notice how dingy the brake parts look. And the wheel-set too for that matter. No Worries, just checking them for fit. They will be removed and polished,trued and lubed and what ever else they need to look and function great.

Now Here`s the BUGGER. The rear wheel went on no problem, fits like a glove. The front however was another story. The original front wheel had a basic axle, meaning no quick release skewers. So The slots in the fork dropouts were just a wee bit small (about 1/32 in). So I took my drill with the abrasive thin wheel and lightly ground them a wee bit wider. It was a very small amount that was removed, and about 1/2 of it was just paint. So I have no doubt it is sound. But I`ll give it a good hard test-ride for sure.

Ok, So now we have two wheels a fork and brakes. Also I took one of the SUGINO arms off the Fuji to see if it fit the original bottom bracket spindle. It fit perfectly, so I got that covered. I may change the entire crank if it is a match. (we`ll see) Well I had a family commitment this afternoon and early evening. So I had to wrap it up for today. But now that I`m into it, I`m eager to get back at it. So with a little luck I`m hoping to work on it tomorrow.
I have a really good feeling about this build! Happy Trails for now. RIDE SAFE and Remember to Always... RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE.


  1. Do you use original brake pads in these cases or get new ones?

  2. Always new brake pads. Even if they are not worn out.With time they tend to harden and loose their grip.Not to mention they get real squeaky. I feel the same way about tires, especially gum-walls. They may look ok but they
    get brittle and crack. Excellent Question!


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