Monday, July 12, 2010

Rampar Rapide

This is the Rampar "Rapide". This is a first for me. I have only recently heard of the brand. And this is the first one I have ever actually seen. My Uncle found it at a garage sale. When He described it to me I could not resist. Not all beat-up, paint looks good, appears to be a very low miles, lugged frame bike. Just what the doctor ordered!

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First business is to take it apart and take stock of the components. The "Star" brakes and levers are kind of cheezy. So for-sure they will be replaced. I`m thinking I will use the Tek-Tro (side-pull caliper) brakes I bought for the Fuji. I will need to drill-out the holes a little to make them fit. I will replace the seat-post with a micro-adjust post.(one of my favorite up-grades) The saddle will be replaced with the black Charge Spoon Saddle I didn`t use on the Fuji. I will try to find a "used" lighter stem and handlebars in the shop. I have an extra set of Tek-Tro Aero-Levers (new) I can also use. The wheel-set, while being entry-level, they appear to be dead-on and very well preserved.( I`m on the fence right now as far as the wheel-set goes) I also have a set of 1980`s race pedals with clips and straps I can use. (originals from the Centurion)I would like to try to convert the crank to a cotter-less. I will see if I have a bracket that matches. This would also be a first for me.(I think) I`m only going to do this if I can use parts I already have laying around. The original came apart ok and is in very good (un-polished) condition. I`m just not a big fan of the cottered crank system. If memory serves me, The shifters and derailleurs are Sun-Tour so I will most likely re-use them. As for tires Kenda K35 Gum-walls for sure. Lugged frames and Gum-Walls just go together beautifully.
Above: The frame cleaned up nicely. And the paint looks great with just a few minor chips. Good News, The head-set was not dry, nor was the bracket. Both will get de-greased and re-greased and re-assembled. The inner-tubes look good, no patches,no bulges. So I cleaned them up, filled them up and hung them up on the back of the stand. I think they will both be re-used. I guess the first thing I will do is rebuild the head-set. Then clean-up the wheel-set and true them up. Then see about the crank. I really hope I have a cotter-less that fits.

Above: A close-up of the bottom bracket shell. It will get a good cleaning with
White-Lightning Clean Streak before I rebuild or replace the inner workings.
Above: The front wheel and the three piece cotter crank and also the bracket. Note the C-Clamp and the Lug-Nut, my tools for removing cotter pins. Also a little bit of Liquid Wrench (not shown) I always give the cotter pin a little penetrating oil before trying to remove the pins. It doesn`t hurt to do this (penetrating oil) the night before you plan to break the pins loose.
Well that about gets us caught up for now. I think I sold the Centurion today. Hopefully I did, the shop is getting crowded again. Till Next Time, Ride safe!
and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE and watch the "Tour de France"


  1. Hello,
    Nice work as always. I think Rampars are "budget" Raleighs. Perhaps someone else can confirm this. In any case, they are generally nice rides!

  2. Hey J,
    From what I have been able to find out (which isn`t much)"that is correct". I did notice something interesting on a woman`s Raleigh sprite (aprox 1973) I picked up the other day. The headlight on it is a Rampar brand.I wonder if Rampar might have proceeded Avenir as the Raleigh accessory brand?

  3. I discovered your blog trying to find info on overhauling my first bike, a Raleigh Rampar R-Two.

    How in the world did you get the forks and bars off? I can't figure it out for the life of me.

  4. Hey Anthony,
    Sorry for the delay. Here is a link that should help you
    You have to break-down the head set to remove the fork. So this should cover the whole operation.
    If by the handlebars you mean (removing the stem)
    go to
    If you are literally having trouble removing the bars from the old style clamp. After you loosen the bolt sometimes it helps the pry it open wider using a large slotted screwdriver. This may require an extra set of hands.
    Again sorry for the delay. I hope this helps you
    with your project.

  5. I have a 3 speed rampar roaster men's bike in good condition. my question is do you know the value on a rampar roaster.

    1. Honestly I have never seen or heard of the Roaster before.
      All I can suggest is check Craig's list in your area and see what they (or similar models) are selling for.

  6. I have a rampar rapide that I'm trying to disassemble now. I'm having a hard time removing the bottom bracket. What kind of tool did you use?


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