Tuesday, July 21, 2009

U of M Wolverines Tribute Bike Finished

Hello & Welcome
What do you do with a Blue and Yellow bike with all the original badges removed? Well if you live in Michigan and you love UM Wolverines Football. (and who don`t) You make it a Maze & Blue rolling tribute bike. And I must give my neighbor Troy the credit. He was the first one to notice that the yellow and blue paint would appeal to a U of M fan. So having no idea where to find the original K.H.S. "Triathlete" Badges and decals. I made the decision to try to locate some small good quality Wolverines stickers. Thanks to wolverinesplanet.com I was able to purchase some good quality UM Wolverines stickers. I think they look really good. However on the fork I do have one of the big M`s off center. That will be an easy fix as there were plenty of extras. Strategically locating the graphics I was able to cover up the worst of the scratches on the bike. So the wolverines stickers solved two problems. Not a bad investment for about 15.00 . Now I have a bike that I am proud to ride. If you would like to see the KHS project from start to finish, check the Blog Archive. Now for the current project. Today I finished stripping the MOTOBECANE mixtie down to the frame. Also I de greased the headset bearings and the nuts and spacers for the headset. White Lightning Clean Streak is my de greaser of choice. No photo`s yet except in the Blog Archive (May 8th 2009) I blogged about hunting bicycles. The "La Tour d`e France" is winding down. I got in some "masonry work" this week so I haven`t been watching as much as I would have liked to. But work is always good, helps pay those pesky bills! Well Bike Lovers, Ride Safe and remember RESCUE RESTORE & RECYCLE. Cheers,Hugh

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Raleigh Ladies Capri Finished!

Today was a good day. I put the finishing touches on the Capri and got it cleaned and photographed too. I tried something different Cinelli Cork Natural handlebar tape. I think it goes well with the style of the bike and the 27 x 1 1/4 Kenda HP Gum-Wall tires. I think I may have found a new home for the Capri as well. I also started taking the MotoBecane mixtie apart today. Annnnd... I put the graphics on the KHS UM Wolverines Tribute Bike! I will post those pics latter. Other good news! I finally replaced my work bench vice. I found one today at H.D. for about 20.00. Last year while trying to heat and straighten a frame I accidentally broke my vice. Opps! And it looked so damn indestructible too! Also I installed a new chain on a mountain bike I have been fixing up. I might have found a home for that one as well.
Yesterday my family had a memorial family get together for my Dad who passed away this past December. It was good to see my family and share stories about Dad. He lived a long life and accomplished a lot. He enjoyed Sailing, and loved to ski and travel. It was his time, and he was ready. No regrets. Well I did manage to squeeze in a ride Sat morning through the woods at Indian Springs. The woods and the wet-lands were very beautiful and the Fuji Gran-Tourer performed flawlessly. Well that is all I have for today. Please Ride Safe and Remember to Always.... RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE
Cheers, Hugh

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Womans Raleigh (USA) Capri

Hello and Welcome
This is way to easy to call a restoration, more like a refurbishing with a tune up and a detail job.

Look closely at the badge when hunting for an old old Raleigh. Notice this is a Raleigh USA. Nothing wrong with that. But definitely not as prized as a well preserved Nottingham Raleigh. One of the things I really don`t like about this ladies bike is the "department store" kick stand. And I`m not to keen on the chrome steel wheels either. It seems to me, a Raleigh should have light weight alloy wheels. But it does have the Raleigh look "sort of" and that really cool badge. And the graphics are pretty cool. But it does have one other thing that really sets it apart. It is virtually unused. I have closely inspected the original tires, brake shoes, the 6 speed free-wheel, cables, front and rear derailleurs, chain, drop handlebars, bar wrap foam, etc.etc. And it is my opinion that the mileage could be measured in city blocks, not miles. I often wonder about bikes like this one. Why was it never ridden? Did the owner purchase it with good intentions but gave up before ever really getting started? Or maybe it was a gift? Who knows? I can`t help but think that the number of virtually unused old bikes is higher in the USA than anywhere else in the world. Maybe that is part of the reason why we are also the fattest people in the world. I had to scrape the badly decayed gum wall tires off the rims. I`m talk`n about 30 year old tires. But with no tread wear at all! What a waste!
Yesterday I found a 1980`s ladies Schwinn with a lugged "Giant" built frame. It has center-pull brakes, alloy wheels, a better kickstand. Maybe I`ll take some of the good stuff off the Schwinn and build me an upgraded Raleigh USA. Before I close I would just like to say to any new riders to the sport. Don`t give up! Keep riding. It will get easier. And you will get stronger! And don`t worry about what anyone else can do. Just compete with your self. Set goals, but be realistic. Give your self some time. Just don`t quit! Take Care and Ride Safe and Remember to always... RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE
P.S. Below photo of the Raleigh as it was found. Then photos of the clean-up and polished wheel. ALSO the U of M WOLVERINE stickers arrived today for the UM Tribute bike (KHS). I will post new pics when it is finished.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finishing the KHS bike

Hello and Welcome
It isn`t always about the Destination. Sometimes it is about the Journey. Enjoy the weekend. Get out there and ride. And watch "La Tour De France" Remember! RESCUE-RESTORE & RECYCLE
Cheers, Hugh

Thursday, July 9, 2009

KHS 58 cm Road Racer Project

Here it is my new project a KHS 58cm Road Racer. My neighbor found this bike, it had been left at a dumpster. Since this photo was taken I have mounted new tires on the bike for Troy (my neighbor). As well as new Jag Wire shift cables and a new chain. Troy was fixing this bike up for his daughter to take to college. But as it turns out she wanted a mountain bike. So lucky me traded a Woman`s GT mountain bike for it. It has been out in the weather so I decided to take it apart and start over. I have had the bike for a couple weeks now, so I already have new traps for the pedals. And the correct Shimano brake shoes. And I already have most of the other stuff in stock cables, handlebar cork tape, cable housing etc. So today I striped it down to the frame removing everything except the rear derailleur and the 3 piece crank. Both just need cleaning & polishing. I can do that on the frame. I am excited about this restoration, As I have admired this bike since I first saw it about a month or so ago. I don`t need to order new tires since I had just installed new ones. And they have virtually no miles on them. Same goes for the shifter cables. I will need a saddle though. Well before I get back to work I will add a few more "before" photographs of the bike. Until next time Please Ride Safe and Always Remember to RESCUE RESTORE & RECYCLE

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fuji Gran Tourer SE Finished

Hello bicycle lovers! I just finished the Fuji restoration a few hours ago. I am totally spent. Will be test riding the Fuji tomorrow (4th of July) I will update blog then. Happy Holiday! Ride Safe and Remember to RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE

UPDATE: Happy 4th of July! I test rode the Fuji today. I found a couple of things that need attention. First the front derailleur shifter was a wee bit loose. Second The chain or the jockey wheels on the rear derailleur are chirping like a flock of finches. Also the rear wheel is a little out of alignment. First I will loosen the rear wheel and square it up or align it. Second I will remove the the jockey wheels (again) and put a wee bit of bicycle grease on the little bushing and in the cups. If that does not cure the problem I will scrap the chain. Which is probably what I should have done in the first place. Seems like when ever I don`t go with my first instinct I always regret it latter. I had to clean the chain with "brake cleaner" (off the bike) it was so bad.I knew I should have tossed it. Oh well, So it goes. The upside to the chirping problem is, everyone (except those with head-phones) could hear me coming on the bike trail today. No need to announce "Passing on Your Left". While I`m thinking about it. If you are one of those people who like to walk or roller blade the trail with head-phones on. PLEASE! keep to the right! because your not going to hear the "ding ding" or the "Passing on your Left" Got That! Ok, I`m done bitching about that. (for now) ltms. Ride Safe and remember to always RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE"
Cheers, Hugh

UPDATE:It was the chain. I replaced it with a new one. Also remounted the wheel nice and straight. And tightened up the shift levers a little bit. Also removed the jockey wheels (see diagram) and greased them lightly. This thing is real quiet now and sooo smooth. And I love the fit. It`s gotta be the most comfortable "road bike" I have ever ridden. God I hope nobody buys it! Maybe I should raise the price a bit?
Cheers, Hugh
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