Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unidentified 3 Spd fixed?

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I ran across this interesting Road Bike at the "AnnArbor Bike-Show" last Sunday. It belongs to Samuel Fitzsimmons from Curtis Bay,Md. I asked Sam who the manufacturer was? He said he had been trying to find that out himself. He told me a few people have recognized some of the components. (crank and pedals I believe)But so far no one has been able to put a name to it.(not his exact words) As you can see the Head-Badge has not been much help to Sam. Damn those Head-Badge collectors! Just kidding guys:) No really, Deface all the bikes you want, I`m OK with it.... NOT!

This is really strange. (to me anyway)A three gear fixed hub with a derailleur /tensor. Maybe somebody out there will recognize this set-up. I actually considered (briefly) building a multiple speed fixed-gear bike. My plan was to use the rear wheel and hub from a Schwinn Intiger F.F. System. Evidently somebody was way ahead of me. I just dismissed it as a silly idea. I wonder how many of these were made?

Here is a close-up of the chain-ring /cotter-pin crank. The detail on the chain-ring is sweet. It looks like a snowflake.That`s the thing about the old bikes they took the time to make them "works of art." Some of the craftsmanship that went into the lugged frames is incredible.Makes me wonder what some of the prototypes must have looked like.

Here is a nice side view of the bike. Did you ever wonder about some of the "saddle position" choices you see out there? I`m thinking this one is exaggerated. I think the first thing I would change (other than saddle position) would be the handle-bars.
I just don`t get the whole moustache handlebar thing. Having never ridden a bike with moustache handlebars, I guess I`ll shut-up about that.(Your Welcome)

Not much of a left side view. (sorry about that) I do wonder if this bike came with those handlebars? I`m not picturing that at all, but who knows? If you recognize this bike manufacturer or frame builder. Let me know and I will pass the info along to Samuel.Before I close, The Pacer is almost finished.I`m just waiting for the aero-levers and new saddle to arrive. Also today I purchased an unbelievably well
preserved 1970-75ish Raliegh Sprite. The owner (now 82) has kept it in his basement
since sometime in the 1970`s. And I can tell you He does not have a damp basement. (Thank God) I don`t want to post it till I get it cleaned up. But you are in for
a treat.This thing is fantastic! I feel honored that He sold it to me. Some other cool stuff coming up. A sweet Blue 1980 Continental and a Schwinn Le Tour (mans frame) I can`t believe I finally found one! And a Miyata "One Hundred" mixte and much more. In the meantime Ride Safe and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The AnnArbor Bicycle Show

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The original Woody. The owners told me it dates back to 1865-1872 This has to be the coolest antique bike I have ever seen. It was described on the tag as a Bone Shaker.
For a mere $5,500.00 you could ride this baby home. If you don`t remember the Woody You probably don`t know who Frankie and Annette are.

The Schwinn Phantom has been described as the most desirable American collectible bicycle.I know an old man who had one of these when He was a kid. His eyes light up when he talks about it still.

This RoadMaster took home a trophy for best in it`s class. You do not want to park one of these Babys in the sun! Who ever said "chrome won`t get you home" never had one of these beauties :)

This blue Sting-Ray really took me back. Other than the cables and levers, it looks
just like mine did. "before we chopped it" Hey! It seemed like a good idea at the time! The Bike Show as Great. I would recommend that you get there early if you go. I arrived about 1:30 pm and some were already packing it in and hit`n the road. Maybe they wanted to get home for the hockey game. The wings lost badly today. But "It ain`t over till the fat lady sings" Quick Update: I stripped the Pacer 15 Speed and re-built the bottom bracket and polished the chain-rings and arms. And got those back on the frame. I will try to re-build the head-set tonight. (Big Yawn) Maybe not.
Till next time, Ride Safe and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE

Friday, April 23, 2010

Huffy 10 speed Finished

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The Huffy has been finished for days. Except for the gray cork-tape which "yours truly" forgot to order. Thanks to Alfred E Bike for getting it here so fast.

Note the welded-on kickstand mount, very much like an old Schwinn. And the steel rims
are identical to some of the Schwinns from my era. Although I doubt they are quite the same quality.

I`m not positive, but the colors used on the graphics say "early 1980`s" to me.

I really prefer a head-badge to a sticker. But I love the "solar panel like" reflector. And I do like that it says "Huffy Bicycle Co. Dayton Ohio"

I wish I could say "I restored this derailleur" But it already looked like this, for the most part. I did do a little polishing though. But no rust removal. I am glad I chose to replace the 4 piece gray pleather handlebar wrap. I think the cork looks and feels 100% better. And although the original gum-walls looked pretty good, they were getting brittle. Besides the rest of the bike looked so good I figured it was worth it. If the bike had been less than pristine I would probably have just left them on the bike. Anyway it is finished and it rides and shifts well for what it is.
I am always amazed by these "old but never ridden" bikes. When I was a kid I rode the wheels off my bike. A bicycle (not unlike a motorcycle)meant freedom to me.I wonder what gives kids that feeling now days?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Never has a Huffy recieved so much Love

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The wheels are trued and polished.I decided to scrap the pleather 4 piece handle-bar covers. I have however decided to keep the gray saddle. And I will use gray cork-tape to keep the original (but now better) look going. I also removed the dull metal pedals and replaced them with these refurbished chrome pedals. They were left over from one of the Continentals.

The Huffy had some really "cheesy looking" caliper brakes. I replaced them with these "not as cheesy" refurbished calipers from a Schwinn Sprint donor bike.It will also get some fresh Jag-Wire cables and Jag-Wire brake shoes. This Huffy will have some stopping power. Yeah Dog!

I was going to replace the stem (and I still might) but I haven`t found one in the shop that is a small enough diameter. I really tried to keep this bike original. But
if you can make something better, Why not do it? It`s not like the Smithsonian Institute was banging on the door because they heard about this really incredible original Huffy. lol :)
So that pretty much gets us caught up on whats been going on "bike wise". The tires and gray tape and some cables arrived late today. With a little luck I can finish the Huffy tomorrow. Also the 27X1&1/8 tires arrived for the Pacer build. Along with the black cork tape and some cool looking black pedals with some old style traps and straps. So I should have plenty to blog about in the next week or so.I really do need to take some time and get out for a ride. Everything here is coming back to life. The woods are turning green. It is a great time to ride. Two huge Swans flew over the house today.They were making almost as much noise as the troop carrier helicopter that flew over just before them. Once you get out of the city, Michigan is a beautiful place to live. It`s hell on the allergies though. Till next time, Ride Safe and Remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trek 560 Finished

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Just a few minor paint touch-ups to do, but basically finished

The hoods are not a perfect fit, I may try to clean-up the originals

Found the black bottle cages at Cycle Therapy in Waterford Mi

I really like the Continental tires, they have graphics on both sides

Hello and Welcome, The Trek is finally finished and the Huffy 10 speed project is underway.I have a dentist appointment so I will have to cut this short. I will finish this post latter. I just wanted to share the finish pics, Ride Safe and as always remember to RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE

Saturday, April 10, 2010

TREK 560 Progress

Hello and Welcome to my Bicycle Blog. I hope you find something useful. Check-Out the Links and the NEW "Video of the Week" (G)
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Above: Just enough finished for a short test ride. It felt fantastic. It feels so light now in it`s basic form, I almost regret having to add all the components. I have decided to go with the black as much as possible.Today I will search the net for some glossy black bottle cages. I was considering a set of Red water-bottles to match the red graphics on the frame. Maybe I can find some black bottles with red graphics.

Above: I have a pair of Cane Creek hoods I think will fit the levers. I really don`t like the way this lever looks now. If the hoods don`t do the trick, I might just replace them. I have taped the cable into position securely and will do the same with the rear brake cable.Then it will be covered with black cork infused tape. Although natural colored cork might look good too.

Above: The Chain-Rings and Arms cleaned up beautifully. As I mentioned "Cycle Therapy" in Waterford serviced the bracket.I dismantled the chain-rings and arms and gave them the "Mothers Treatment"(Mother`s Mag and Aluminum Polish)I really love that stuff! Oh, and the new bracket wrench arrived! I will need to order a Spanner wrench as well. The closest bike shop is about 15 miles from here,So I need to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Above: The SunTour derailleur was cleaned with White-Lightning Clean-Streak. It does have a scratch (visible on the left) but no harm done. It cleaned-up nicely. I removed the jockey-wheels for a good cleaning. I used a silicone-based lubricant on the jockey-wheels.I like to use it on any plastic parts, bushings etc.

Above: The Black Brake Calipers are sweet. Note the missing TREK vertical graphics on the front of the fork legs. I just could not get myself to leave them. The left one was badly scratched. And I did not like them enough to replace them.(actually I hated them) Although I think they look great on a Raleigh, Must be that Old English font. That pretty much brings us "up to speed" on the TREK 560. Till next time RIDE SAFE and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE & RECYCLE!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Nishiki garbage day rescue is finished

The "Garbage Day Rescue" Builds Are My Favorites by Far

The Saddle, Micro-Adjust Post,Grips,Chain,Cages and Cables are all New

The Riser Handle-Bars and Pedals with Clips are Re-Cycled

Both Crank and Head-Set are rebuilt and Wheels Trued

The Blue Water-Bottle Cages Look Really Cool.

The Gray and Black Velo Grips are Very Comfortable

The Gray and Black Velo Saddle is a Perfect Match

There is a very good feeling that you get from doing a garbage day rescue. If you have never done one,I highly recommend you give it a shot.With all the scrap metal guys canvasing the garbage, they are getting harder to find. But if you can catch the salvage-guy when he is on your street. He might be able to hook you up with a great garbage day rescue. And you will want to give him 10 or 15 dollars for his trouble. More if He shows up with something special.
Also, I did manage to steal away for my "tax-prep paper-work nightmare" for a little while and work on the TREK 560. I rebuilt the head-set which by the way has really cool roller-bearings. And also polished up the chain-rings and arms and got those remounted. As I mentioned "Cycle-Therapy" in Waterford Mi. took care of the bracket for me. Bad news is, I don`t like the tires that I was sent.(NOT By Cycle Therapy)They did not have the ones I wanted. So I asked "What else do you have in a 700 x 28 C" They told me and I (foolishly) said "go ahead and send those". Turns out they are the right size, but wrong profile. I guess I should have asked if they were the "race profile" tires.(you know, like the first set I wanted) GEEEEZE! Why did I assume that they would stay with the same type of tire I ordered the first time. Oh well "So it Goes." No worries, They will be put to good-use eventually.
Well tomorrow I meet with the book-keeper (Happy Happy Joy Joy) But before that I
am going to do a little bike hunting. And also a little more work on the TREK. Till
next time, RIDE SAFE, and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE

Friday, April 2, 2010

Trek 560 Restoration Started

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Above: The right chain-stay and seat-tube were badly scratched.

Above: After the paint was "dry to the touch" I hung it up to to cure.

Above: The fork was scratched much worse than this photograph shows.

Above: I sanded and painted the fork, eliminating the Trek graphics.

Hello and Welcome. This morning I got up early and grabbed the Trek frame and headed off to "Cycle Therapy" in Waterford Mi.I did not have the proper tool for removing the SAKAE 1.37 x 24T Bracket. I tried to improvise. But gave up, fearing that I might damage the bracket or bracket-shell. They were happy to remove the bracket for me. And since they had it apart and on the stand, I asked them if they would go ahead and service it for me. So they did, and for a very reasonable charge.Before leaving I had them order me the correct wrench.It will be there Wednesday. Since I am building this bike for myself, I thought it would be a good investment. Also I picked up 3 sets of cotter pins, which I will no doubt need in the future.
After getting back to my shop/garage I started sanding down the bad scratches on the frame and fork. I use automotive wet sand paper. First rough or course then medium then fine. I can live with a few scratches, but these were severe and the metal was beginning to rust.After finishing the sanding I wiped it down real good making sure to remove all the dust. Then I taped-off the areas I did not want or need to paint. The down tube and most of the top tube are in good shape. This made it possible to save the Trek graphics.And being Glossy Black I was able to match to color,(close enough for me anyway) I`m not to concerned about the paint being perfect.I just wanted it to look decent and not all rusty and scratched up.
That was about it for the Trek today. After dinner the UPS truck showed-up with the parts to finish the Nishiki. The black and gray Velo saddle looks great.And the
bottle cages and micro-adjust seat post look cool too. I also cleaned-up and re-mounted the kick-stand. I know the guy I`m building this bike for will want a kick-stand. Personally I can do without the extra weight. Two things that every casual rider or commuter wants is a comfort saddle and a kick-stand. The Velo saddle
looks pretty good. It appears to be "about" the same quality of the WTB Speed V Saddle that I usually use. I will install the grips tomorrow. I want to save the set that are on it now. So there will be some soapy water and a very small screw-driver involved. Tomorrow I am picking up a Japanese mixte with some nice componants. I may
use some of them on the PACER "Special Edition" I will try to take some pics of the Nishiki Manitoba tomorrow (weather permitting).
Now that I have the paint almost finished and the bracket serviced. The Trek build should be moving right along. Also,I have placed the order for the new tires for the Huffy 10 speed. Once they arrive that will go quick.Basically it will get tires shoes and a tune-up and lube. And a good cleaning/polishing as well.
Well I hope you have a wonderful Holiday. And I hope you get a chance to get out and ride. Till next time, Ride Safe and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE.
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